15 Series that you should not see with your parents; Teen drama is guaranteed


Sometimes we need to identify with someone to feel part of this huge, chaotic and turbulent sea called life. That's why the teen series are so precious to us.

Today, many touch taboo subjects that dads are not accustomed to seeing, speaking or even knowing; therefore, witnessing nude scenes, parties or with inappropriate vocabulary can be quite uncomfortable. To avoid these moments, we have selected 13 series that you should avoid seeing by your side, or, if your situation is different, maybe you can learn more about the teenage problems of today.

1. Baby

Based on real events. It tells the story of a group of teenage girls, between 14 and 16 years old, who practice prostitution to pay for their trips. In this business are involved policemen, politicians and important businessmen of the city of Rome.

2. Big Mouth

An adult animated comedy that tells the adventures of Nick and Andrew, two teenage friends who are experiencing all the changes that puberty brings. Along with other friends such as Jessi, Jay and Missy, the protagonists will live very comical situations with which we have all felt identified at some point in our lives and that they, lacking experience, fail to understand.

3. Riverdale

At the same time that a new school year begins, the city of Riverdale is still recovering from the recent tragic death of Jason Blossom. The events that have taken place during the summer have made Archie Andrews realize that he does not want to follow in his father's footsteps and that his friendship with Jughead Jones collapses.

4. Ã? Lite

Las Encinas is an exclusive school attended by the children of the elite. One day, the city suffers a great earthquake that destroys a public school and the students are distributed in other schools of the locality, and three working class boys are admitted in Las Encinas. At that time the struggle for class difference begins until it ends in a murder. Everyone wonders who committed the crime.

5. Skins

A group of teenagers living in Bristol makes their first forays into the world of adults through eroticism, drugs, eating disorders, love entanglements and other difficult territories of adolescence.

6. Derry Girls

In the midst of political conflict in Northern Ireland in the 1990s, five high school students are facing the challenges everyone known to be in adolescence.

7. The hidden world of Sabrina

An adaptation to the mythical series Sabrina, the teenage witch. This time follows the origins of Sabrina, a stage in which she has to face her double witch and mortal nature. He must, therefore, reconcile his two parts from the darkest of witchcraft, for the evil forces threaten his family, friends and even humanity.

8. Awkward

Jenna Hamilton is an unpopular girl who has just received a letter from her friends, asking her to change her attitude once and for all. However, Jenna has an accident that unleashes her popularity, as everyone believes that she has actually attempted suicide.

9. Skam

Eva Kviig Mohn, Noora Amalie Saetre and Isak Valtersen are part of a group of students attending the Hartving Nissens Skole Institute in Oslo. The series shows everything that happens to the group of adolescents and deals with topics such as the relationship of young people with narcotics, sexual identity, religion, eating disorders or mental illness.

10. Sex Education

Otis is considered the weird kid of the school, the reason? She is a virgin. However, she lives with her mother who is a sexologist, so she has always had extensive knowledge about the subject.

Her life at school changes when her classmates find out what her mother is doing, something that Otis takes advantage of to show everything she knows and improve her reputation, working as a team with Maeve, an intelligent girl with a bad reputation. Both set up a clinic where their colleagues come to ask for advice about their strange problems.

11. On My Block

César, Ruby, Monse and Jamal form a group of friends from a low-income neighborhood in Los Angeles and look for ways to emerge triumphant in the face of the challenges of adolescence.

12. Gossip Girl

The series follows the adventures of millionaire and capricious teenagers who live in the Upper East Side of New York, an exclusive area of ​​the city.

13. Pretty Little Liars

Four young friends have to stay together to face a mysterious, anonymous enemy who could reveal their darkest secrets as they try to solve the murder of their best friend.

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