15 Secrets that your boy will NEVER confess to you I tell you here!


Although most people say that women are more complicated than men, the truth is that they are also a great mystery that is sometimes almost impossible to understand.

Although not all are equal, most have secrets that for any reason will reveal: guilty tastes, thoughts, habits, manias, attitudes, etc .; but so that you do not remain with the doubt, and it is a little easier to understand the way in which sometimes your boy acts, here we tell you the secrets that he will never tell you.

1. The future scares them

They prefer to live today, instead of thinking about the future. When you think what will become of you later on, he gets scared. It does not mean that he does not love you, it is simply part of his nature, especially when future plans depend on him.

2. They talk about other women's bodies

Sad but true. When the boys go out with their friends in some way they end up talking about the female body, and what they would do if they were with the girl of their fantasies. Sometimes, they even talk about their friends.

3. They hate that we think they have a goblin that gives them money

The women told us that at the time of leaving everything must run on their own, and although sometimes they love to pamper you and pay for everything, there are also times when they are tight financially and it bothers them that we do not understand it.

4. Sometimes they just want to be alone

This is not only a secret of men, let's admit girls: we also like to be alone. They want to have time to play video games, listen to music or just sleep without having the pressure that you're going to need something.

5. He also cries

Because of the macho stereotypes that have been created about how a man should behave, they will always hide you if they have cried. Never, or at least almost never, you will hear him say that he has cried for you, or that his frustration was so great for not having achieved that job promotion that ended up shedding a few tears.

6. They also have a hard time when you are in your days

They will never confess to you how much they despair that, when we are in our days, however much they try to be kind, we get angry for anything. (Sometimes we can not stand ourselves.)

7. They can not always fix everything

Even if they say they can, you know they can not. Has it happened to you that something has broken down and he set out to fix it and so far remains the same? It's not that he does not want to, or does not have time, the answer is simple: he does not know how to fix it, but he will never confess it.

8. Your friends do not like you

The reason is easy. He knows that at least one of your friends also likes him badly. It may be because he is in love with you or simply because he feels a part of you is being taken away from him. Jealousy between men is very difficult to understand.

9. Sometimes they miss being single

As much as he is in love with you, and how happy he is with you, there will be times when he will long for his moments of freedom, go out to a bar with his friends and conquer girls.

10. They are not like you after having sex

It is not that he is rude, does not love you or has only wanted to be with you because of the sexual part, it's just that they are different. Most men do not like to be held to you for more than two hours after having sex.

11. Come porn

It is not that they always do it, but at least they have done it once. And, unless you're very open minded, he will not confess to you that he has his triple X movies for fear of what you might think.

12. He is a fan of his mom's food

It is obvious that he will never confess this to you: first, so as not to make you feel bad when you cook, and second, because he does not want you to think that he has mamitis. So if one day it takes you to eat at home and your mother cooks, do not even kid about leaving something on your plate.

13. They self-congratulate having fantasies

Certain statistics indicate that men are self-satisfied at least once a week thinking about their fantasies, and oh, surprise !, many times your fantasies do not include you.

14. They go to a table dance secretly

Has your boyfriend told you that he will stay at home, or that he will go out to a quiet bar with his friends? Well, it was probably a white lie to go to a place where naked women dance.

15. Pray that you do not invite them to your family gatherings

Many men would like not to hear the phrase: Saturday is the food at my aunt and uncle's house. Why? The reasons are many, maybe he does not get along very well with the family, he has to give his best impression, get ready or pretend that everyone likes him and that he is having an incredible time.

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