15 Sad moments of the Disney movies that we still can not get over


Although they are stories for children, Disney films are full of drama and hard on feelings, often making it impossible to hold back tears.

Some have left great lessons; in others, it is not understood why so many misfortunes happen to the characters; what is a reality, is that they are the favorites of the public. These are some of the scenes that have made more than one cry.

1. Andy gives away his toys

This scene is more understandable to adults. That strange moment in which you come back to find the toys that accompanied your childhood, nostalgia hits you and then it's time to say goodbye.

2. Dumbo and his mother

The cruelty of having separated this quadruped ear of his mother continues to cause shock in all those who have had the opportunity to see it.

3. The abandonment of Jessie

Although it is fiction, after having seen this scene, you probably felt guilty and ran home to hug your dolls.

4. Aladdin gives his bread

In spite of having risked his life for a piece of bread, when he meets some small beggars, he does not hesitate to give them food.

5. The death of Mufasa

Not only the death of the king, but the betrayal of his own brother, were shocking. We still can not forgive him.

6. When they discover Mulan

The face of disappointment of Li Shang when he discovers that his best warrior is a woman and she alone ended with the army of the Huns. Then he leaves her to her fate, wounded and in the middle of nowhere.

7. Bella agrees to stay in the palace

To free her father from the cell in which he is locked up, losing everything he loved, Bella accepts to be a prisoner of the Beast in order to satisfy the wishes of the tyrant.

8. The death of Bambi's mother

Although many do not understand why all the fuss, seeing this image makes you think of not very pleasant things, so you start to shed tears.

9. Eric decides to marry another

Ariel's efforts seem to have been in vain, when Eric introduces his fiancée Vanessa. It does not seem fair, after so many sacrifices on the part of our favorite redhead.

10. The death of Tarzan's parents

For some reason, Disney loves to leave all of its protagonists orphans or to take them away from their parents and, of course, the boy from the jungle would not be the exception.

11. The death of Megara

After being disappointed by the man she loved, she begins to believe in love again, that's why she sacrifices herself no matter what.

12. Flynn almost died

This scene left us all with the soul in a thread, when he prefers to save Rapunzel and risk his life.

13. Elsa limits her powers

After a terrible accident, the ice princess is forced to hide her magic, which makes her an unhappy woman.

14. Ray's farewell

Nobody wanted this to happen in Princess and the Frog, but that's the way things are.

15. The death of Sad

To rescue Golfo, Triste, Jock's best friend, is trapped between the tires of a cart.

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