15 Romantic details that men are losing sight of


Time passes and it is inevitable. The trouble is that it seems that it has taken certain customs that made us live the true meaning of love, actions that allowed us to know the interest of another person towards us and that caused a whirlwind of emotions.

This was the romance, and although its meaning varies from region to region, the truth is that those beautiful traditions have been lost. The incorrect use of new technologies, the constant hustle and the questioned sense of love are doing theirs. That is why we show you 15 romantic actions that men are forgetting and that we miss.

1. Ask you to be his girlfriend

While looking into your eyes and take your hand to do so, not through text messages.

2. Present formally

Introduce yourself with your parents and let them know they have nothing to worry about.

4. Surprise dinners

Arrive home unexpectedly to go to dinner at a romantic place.

5. Celebrate your anniversaries

Nowadays, they even forget the date.

6. Take you to dance

Now the common thing is to frequent nightclubs and bars.

7. Write letters

To let you know how happy he is by your side.

8. Details!

A box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers or any nice detail.

9. Special music

Give you a CD with songs that remind you and the moments you have lived together.

10. Support you

Unconditionally and when you feel lonely.

11. Be honest

Let him speak to you directly to tell you what his intentions are with you.

12. Pay attention

It is always appreciated that you listen and see you, more than your mobile or video game.

13. Take you home

Do not send yourself in a taxi or a taxi UBER.

14. A spontaneous session of tender kisses

In the hands, cheeks, forehead and not only in the mouth, while trying to touch you every time.

15. Conquer yourself

Dedicate time to know him to fall in love and little by little let you know that you are safe with him. Do not just get benefit for yourself.

Traditional women need romantic commitment. (September 2020)