15 Reasons why Channing Tatum is the FAMOUS of the moment


We not only love him for his great ability to dance, also because he has a heart attack and of course, a look that makes any girl melt. At 35, the actor of Vows of love not only has he managed to be one of the most sought-after actors, he has also managed to conquer the fashion catwalks and of course, our hearts.

If you have not yet convinced yourself to love this sexy actor, here are 15 reasons why he is famous at the moment, and some curious facts that will surprise you: Did you know that his favorite pizza is peperoni? (I'm not a very adventurous eater, I like what I like and I stick to that, Channing says). His favorite sandwich is a sandwich of white bread with peanut butter, grape jelly and some Cheetos (which sounds disgusting, true, but he likes it). And his favorite movie is ¡The goonies!

1. From the age of 18 he worked as a dancer

Yes! Now we know where he took his skills for his role as Mike Lane in the movie Magic Mike. Channing worked in real life as a dancer striptease in a nightclub, using the name of Chan Crawford.

2. Achievement highlighting their talents on the dance floor in the film Step Up

And last but not least, during the recordings he met the love of his life and his current wife, Jenna Dewan, with whom he has a beautiful two-year-old baby.

3. He was named the sexiest man in the world

In 2012 the magazine People he was in charge of giving him this fabulous appointment, which Tatum took with much modesty, because when they told him that they had chosen him he simply said: They are joking. Oh, dear Channing, we still think you're the sexiest man!

4. He is a pacifist

Tatum almost rejected his great opportunity to work in the film GI Joe: the rise of cobra because it is against promoting war.

5. He proved that he is a romantic man

And not only in the movies! Maybe in Vows of love you realized that he is the man with whom all the girls dream, because behind that image of a rude man is someone sensitive, who is capable of everything for the woman he loves. In real life he always seeks to have small details to surprise his wife Jenna.

6. He is an excellent father

He has a beautiful girl named Everly, who has changed his life.

7. In 21 Jump Street it showed its funniest side

He is an actor that can achieve any character, characterizing a romantic man or doing comedy. Of course we love his funny scenes in the two films of 21 Jump Street.

8. He loves to save the world

Although it is in his films. The directors always think of him when a character must be the hero. If you do not believe me, take a look at movies like The legion of the eagle Y G.I. Joe, or watch him save the president of the United States in Assault to power.

9. He is an excellent worker

The actor has been from a salesman in a clothing store to a construction worker. Also, it had its formal clothing model stage for the firms Armani and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as a more relaxed model for Abercrombie & Fitch and Nautica.

10. It is athletic and super sexy

Channing has always been an excellent athlete. He loves sports since he was in high school. He has played football, soccer, baseball and martial arts. In the recent movie Foxcatcher exploits his physique as a professional wrestler, member of the US Olympic team.

11. Love animals

He has a puppy named Meeka and contributes to the animal welfare association called DaisyCares.com. Is not it the most tender thing that exists?

12. Appeared in the famous video She bangs by Ricky Martin

In 2000 he was not the famous actor he is today. They paid him $ 400 for 7 days of recording.

13. Owns a production company

And he always participates in the creative part of his projects. Good for you, Channing, you are an excellent entrepreneur.

14. He managed to pull out sighs in Dear John

Thank you for being a romantic, sentimental and shirtless soldier!

15. Appears with your best movements in Magic Mike: XXL

God bless your dance moves!

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