15 Reasons to make Tom Holland your new crush; He is really the perfect boy


After appearing on the tape The impossibleTom Holland has positioned himself as one of the favorite actors of Hollywood, and also of our heart. His talent is so incredible that Elton John and Naomi Watts have declared themselves his fans, besides that he has received several awards as a revelation actor.

His dance steps, his charisma, simplicity and above all his charming smile have made him the sweetest kid of the moment; and there is no one who can deny it.

1. He loves to dance, and he does it very well

This was demonstrated when interpreting Umbrella, by Rihanna, in Lip Sync Battle.

2. He has visited hospitals to cheer up children

Using his Spider-Man suit, Tom has visited several children's hospitals with the sole intention of brightening the life of every child who needs it.

3. Love animals

Especially your dog Tessa, who has accompanied him to various events.

4. Made possible and the impossible

And incidentally made us cry with his excellent performance on the tape The impossible, directed by the Spaniard Juan Antonio Bayona in 2012. This film tells the tragedy of a family who spent their vacations in Thailand in 2004, when the tsunami that ended with thousands of people.

It should be noted that Naomi Watts was surprised with Holland's performance, because he could not swim and had to learn during filming.

5. He became the enigmatic dancer Billy Elliot

The actor participated in the musical of the film between 2008 and 2010, so he had to rehearse the dances for many hours. He played Michael, Billy's best friend. To achieve this role he had to go through eight auditions and two years of training.

The singer Elton John, composer of the soundtrack of the work, became his admirer: his performance is brilliant, it is amazing to see him dance.

6. He has won several awards for his talent

The impossible He gave his first recognition in his career, with only 16 years of age. In addition to winning the Hollywood Spotlight Award and the Best New Actor Award at the National Board of Review, Tom was nominated for Best New Actor at the Goya Awards.

7. Survived a shipwreck

In the film The sea's heart, Tom gave life to one of the noblest characters with his partner Chris Hemsworth.

One of the bravest characters I have represented is Thomas Nickerson. An orphaned child without friends, without family. He is only 14 years old and he managed to survive. It was adrift for 90 days without water and without food. I do not think it's something that I could achieve. It is something unimaginable. I can not even understand it.

8. Your wounds of war demonstrate your courage

Having powers like Spider-Man carries great risks, especially on the set of film.

It was my fault. Basically I fell and I stamped my face in front of 200 team members, it was not my best moment. Thank God it was right after I recorded the last shot.

9. It is the best Spider-Man in history

Even the actor Tobey Maguire, who gave life to the character during three films, recognized him through social networks:

Great job, @ tomholland2013! You're great like Spider-Man. Keep it up.

10. Has a sweet sense of distraction

He is so confused that Marvel has punished him by allowing him to read only the script lines that belong to his character, for fear that he will continue revealing key details of the franchise.

11. Your fanaticism by Robert Downey Jr. is 100% genuine

We understand the reason for the situation, and we will not judge it for that.

12. It's on idol on Instagram

It has more than eight million followers, and surely after reading this post you will join the list.

13. He is a lover of adrenaline

He himself performed his risky scenes. Given that since childhood he learned to dance and to do tricks, he has surprised us millions of times with complicated somersaults during his training.

14. Has appeared on television

In addition to film and theater, Tom has made an appearance on the small screen in the miniseries Wolf Hall, in the life of Gregory Cromwell.

15. He is the perfect boy

He is humble and has never detached the feet of the earth despite his popularity; He is athletic and loves to help others. His smile has the perfect mix of innocence and gallantry, and his muscles have grown so much that it is impossible to stop admiring him.

Tom Holland || Draw My Life (September 2022)