15 Rare facts you would never imagine of Hollywood; JLo helped create Google Images!


If you thought that thanks to social networks and the aggressiveness of current paparazzi There was no secret to be revealed from celebrities, you were very wrong.

The universe celebrity it still hides a good number of curiosities and surprising data, practically unknown or forgotten. We have pulled the newspaper library and memory to bring the 15 curiosities with which you can expand your knowledge about Hollywood.

1. JLo helped create Google Images

Google Images was created after Jennifer Lopez wore that popular dress at the 2000 Grammy Awards. It was the most popular search term on Google at the time, but there was no search option for images. So Google Images was created.

2. Khloé Kardashian suffered a brain injury

In 2001 after an automobile accident in which he crossed the windshield, Khloé suffered a traumatic brain injury. As a result, he still suffers from long-term memory loss.

3. Bryan Cranston was suspected of a murder

During a road trip in the United States where he got occasional jobs, Bryan worked in a restaurant where he hated the chef and used to joke with the staff telling him that he wanted to kill him. The chef ended up dead, which coincided with Bryan's departure from the city and the chronology made him suspicious. Fortunately, he was able to prove his innocence.

4. The name of Leonardo DiCaprio has a very peculiar origin

It was decided when his mother was pregnant. While looking at a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci in a gallery in Florence, he kicked for the first time:

My mother took it as a sign, and I guess DiCaprio is not so different from Da Vinci.

5. Taylor Swift was not affected by Kanye West's comments

During the award of the MTV Awards in 2009, Taylor was interrupted by Kaney. The incident caused thousands of negative comments and the singer took it with better sense and even has a framed picture of the moment, which boasts in his home in Nashville with the legend: life is full of small interruptions.

6. Benedict Cumberbatch was kidnapped

In 2015 the actor was kidnapped by six men while filming a program in South Africa. They tied him up and threw him into the trunk of a car; Benedict said he was petrified by the possibility that they would do something to him. But after four hours the captors let him go and he says that the experience enriched his values ​​in life.

7. Whitney Houston produced The princess's Diary

He produced the film and its sequel through his company, Brownhouse Productions.

8. Beyoncé was about to be a Disney princess

The singer was the first option to play Tiana in Princess and the Frog, but rejected the hearing.

9. Emily Blunt was stuttering

During her childhood the actress could not hold any conversation due to her stuttering. But after entering theater classes his stammer disappeared as if by magic.

10. Rebel Wilson achieved fame thanks to his hallucinations

Rebel became an actress after contracting malaria and hallucinating that she had won an Ã? Scar.

11. Ellen DeGeneres almost appears in Friends

Ellen was offered the role of Phoebe, but fortunately she refused.

12. Youtube would not exist if it were not for this moment of the 2004 Super Bowl

One of the creators of YouTube had missed the Show part time and could not find any video of the moment online. So he and his friends started working on the code of a website that would allow users to upload their own videos. The site ended up being YouTube.

13. Kanye West was on the verge of losing the paternity of North West

Kim was only two months away from giving birth to North West when she was granted a divorce from Kris Humphries. Had it not been so, Kris would have been the legal father and Kanye would not have been able to issue a voluntary declaration of paternity.

14. Kesha sneaked into Prince's house

Kesha burst into the house of the singer to give his demo in the hope of revolutionizing the music industry. She ended up running into Prince himself when he left, who asked him: who the hell are you? , she fled and never heard from him again.

15. Sarah Jessica Parker had an exclusive contract

Sarah was the only one of the four protagonists of Sex & the City He did not get undressed during the show, because he had a non-nudity clause in his contract.

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