15 Ramos that every girl deserves to receive from her beloved boy; By the way, none has flowers!


Finding the ideal gift can be a martyrdom; from remembering the specific tastes of each person and knowing their needs, to thinking about the wrap and even having a good budget. Giving something is always exhausting, no matter how well you have planned everything; there will always be something that will make us doubt.

But if you are lucky enough to know that special person well, and you are also a creative woman, these bouquets without flowers will surely give you more than one idea.

1. Imagine receiving all your favorite sweets

2. Enjoy an afternoon of movies with the best snack

3. Delight your palate with chocolate

4. Series, movies, love and many sweets

5. For the girls fit there are also healthy and aromatic options

6. Who cares about roses when Cheetos are involved?

7. You will not want a single chocolate

8. Did someone say late of series?

9. You can also surprise your boyfriend with a very special bouquet

10. The dream of every woman made makeup

11. Is there anything more delicious?

12. As crunchy as his love for you

13. A couple of red candles and the perfect date will be in your hands

14. With brushes as soft as the petals of flowers

15. Do not miss any of your snacks favorites

The Rich Man’s Daughter: Full Episode 53 (with English subtitle) (January 2020)