15 Phrases that every girl with tattoos is tired of listening


These are some comments and questions that a girl with tattoos has heard more than once. If you have done any, maybe you will identify yourself. If not, ask yourself if you have told someone with a tattoo. (In the list we include what a tattooed girl could answer you.)

1. But you're so pretty!

Does having tattoos make me ugly? Having tattoos does not make me less beautiful. My tattoos make me feel full.

2. Do not you worry about how they will look when you grow up?

Do you know how I'm going to see myself when I grow up? As an impressive lady with tattoos.

3. I do not like girls with tattoos

Congratulations! I'm not looking to like you, besides, there are still girls without tattoos out there.

4. I would not do that

Well, do not do it, it's in my body and that does not affect you. Or if?

5. And what does it mean?

Do you realize the question you are asking? Do you really want to ask about something very personal?

6. Why do you have it?

Because I like it and I can.

7. What do your parents think?

I am older and I know what I do, that they think what they want. The tattoos are not in your body.

8. And when you have children, will you let them get tattooed?

You can do it without any problem. A tattoo does not make you a bad person.

9. And do you only go out with guys who have tattoos?

I just want to go out with people who do not stereotype the others.

10. Why do you spend so much money on that?

  1. Because it will always be there, luckily.
  2. Because it is art, and art is not cheap.
  3. I do not think that getting a tattoo is losing my money.

11. Do not you regret it?

Do you just want me to admit that you're right and I'm wrong? No, i do not do it.

12. Do not you worry about how they will look when you get married?

No. In fact, I think they will give me a special touch because they make me unique.

13. I'm thinking of becoming one: do you think it's a good idea?

I am nobody to tell you what you should or should not do with your skin, but if you doubt now, it is very likely that you hate it in five years.

14. Did it hurt?

Not as you think! They punctured me with a needle, my skin got inflamed, they gave me a strange substance, but otherwise I'm fine, it's a pride to have them.

15. And are you going to do more?

I do not know. When you plan to leave me alone?

Via: thoughtcatalog

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