15 Phrases that dad loves to say all the time; ask your mom is a classic


There is no doubt that Dad plays a very important role in the lives of his children and yes, it is also a very complicated one. Parents teach, protect, love, are there for their children, and most importantly, they create a special bond that no one can break.

His lessons are very important, because they teach us to face life and sometimes to laugh at it. In honor of all the times that made us mature with their words, we have found the 15 phrases that our parents love to say. Happy Father's Day!

1. Dad teaches us the importance of asking

I do not know, ask your mom

2. And it makes us see that we have resolved life

At your age I was already working, I had a family, I supported my parents and siblings.

3. Sometimes he reminds us that everything was better in his times

Music? The one of my times! What you hear are pure cries.

4. He even thinks that the cell phone is bugging us

You leave that phone alone.

5. Sometimes he gets frustrated because he does not know where mom is

Where is your mom? Why is nobody here listening to me?

6. He is jealous, but he can not help it

Who is speaking to you at this time?

7. It always reminds us how important it is to have it

One day you will understand and I will not be with you to thank me.

8. Because as long as we live under its roof its rules are followed

When you have your house you do what you want.

9. He has taught us that nothing in this life is free

I lend you the car but you put gasoline.

10. For dad we will always be girls

Why do you make up? You are still very small.

11. Can not avoid questioning the boy we like

What is your job? How old are you? What intentions do you have with my girl?

12. It will never allow you to leave the house dressed in fashion

Where do you think you're dressed like that?

13. Understands the youth perfectly millennial

I was young too, what do you think I do not know?

14. It reminds us that not everything is fun

Not everything in life are parties.

15. And that we have a purpose in this life

You were born to change the world.

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