15 Photographs that reveal the most intimate secrets of Frida Kahlo


Almost 63 years after the death of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, one of the most important figures of art in the 20th century, we continue to marvel at her work, her personality and her style. It was in 2004 when the team of the Blue house -residence shared by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, now Frida Kahlo Museum decided to open the cabinets that the painter closed on Frida's death and ordered that they not be opened until 15 years after his death.

More than 300 objects made up of letters, photographs, clothes and personal documents of Frida were classified and inventoried, and the Japanese artist Ishiuchi Miyako was invited to take photographs of them; using a camera Nikon 35 mm and natural light, managed to capture the color and the actual state of the pieces. Some of them are on display in the same Blue house and the images of Miyako go through some galleries in Europe, presenting an iconic woman who dealt with her physical and emotional injuries in an artistic way.

Those pieces that did not see the light for 50 years speak by Frida Kahlo

1. Flowers and nature

Earrings that reflect a fraction of the personality of Frida, who surely will have used them to complement some of the costumes with which the Mexican culture exalted.

2. Oriental details

A prosthetic boot adorned with oriental motifs that he used from 1953, when his leg was amputated.

3. Disparities

Boots with heels of different heights used to level her body affected by polio and the aftermath of the bus accident that disabled her permanently.

4. Daily life

Something as everyday as a brush that still retained a few hairs of the artist.

5. Your creativity without limits

A skirt that was integrated into corset rigid with a hole at the height of the stomach, it was used to paint on his own skin and in small circles deposited the pigments.

6. Physical limitations

I had so many corsets as his ailments demanded and all were part of his works, either as canvases or as part of his vision.

7. Lifeless colors

Upon Frida's death, all of her personal belongings were saved, served or not, expire or not. So it happened with these enamels that still retain part of their original color.

8. The broken Column

In his work The broken Column, Frida portrays the use of one of these corsets that were found among the saved objects.

9. Fashion icon

Frida Kahlo posed for the cover of Vogue in 1937 and continues to be an inspiration for designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Givenchy and Alexander McQueen.

10. Emir of Dana

A perfume created in Paris in 1936, inspired by the fabulous Persia and with a mixture of oriental essences.

11. Without complexes

As part of Frida's personal items, this swimsuit was also found, an example of the fashion of the years 4o-50.

12. Mexican spirit

Another of the pieces found in the secret cupboards was this veil that complemented one of her Tehuana costumes and that was captured in her Self-portrait of Tehuana.

13. Corset and fashion

The corsets that Frida wore were specially made for her, so they included fabrics that were not normally found in generics and so she could incorporate them into her skirts.

14. The Tehuana that we remember

One of the most representative dresses of Frida Kahlo was that of Tehuana and this is how she found it, with colors that are still so vivid, after 50 years in the confinement.

15. Ishiuchi Miyako

It has the same meaning to photograph clothes as to photograph people.
Ishiuchi Miyako

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