15 Photographs that prove the beautiful resemblance between humans and animals


Surrealism is a world where everything is possible and the Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi knows it perfectly, for that reason she has managed to make her latest work viral, Animeyed. Based on self-portraits that focus on the intensity of your gaze when you unite it with the eyes of animals as if it were a single image.

His skill at the moment of editing the images makes them look totally real, as if they had not been retouched and has led him to exhibit his work all over the world, including in the Museum of Art. Louvre in Paris.

Photoshop It is just a tool that completes my photographs. I want to create an image that looks real, as if it were an unedited photo.

1. Borsi seeks to enhance unity with the animal world

2. Show the world the importance of these beings

3. And how we all carry a part of them

4. To achieve this, he spent more than an hour self-dealing

5. Immediately immortalized the perfect protagonists

6. He let his imagination fly

7. Invested from 10 to 20 hours editing each image

8. Achieving the ideal scene

9. His work includes all kinds of animals and emotions

10. From the joy of a flamingo

11. The elegance of a crow

12. The purity of the birds

13. Until the energy of the hummingbird

14. Demonstrating that we are all oneself

15. Despite what others would have us believe

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