15 People who came out with celebrities before they were famous


Although difficult to imagine, before becoming famous our favorite celebrities were mere mortals who dated ordinary people. Now we see them as unattainable, but one day they went to school, they had fun like any boy and they were even rejected by their crushes (Yes, they also had their unattainable lovers).

A user of Reddit started a thread and asked others if they had ever dated a celebrity, and the answers were immediate. These are 15 anecdotes of people who came out with celebrities before they became famous.

1. Robert Downey Jr.

My aunt went out with Robert Downey Jr. in high school. He told me he was an idiot. By autophile668

2. Chris Pratt

My cousin came out with Chris Pratt after high school. She said they never slept together because he was sweating a lot. Although she never admitted it, I think she's the reason he left for Hawaii. By addictedtotext

3. Emilia Clarke

I went on two dates with Emilia Clarke about five or six years ago. It was very witty and really sweet! Things did not work between us (obviously), but how I would have liked them to work! By throwawaySPB

4. Brad Pitt

My mom rejected Brad Pitt in a bar in Ireland. I had just left in Thelma and Louise so he was really only known for his Levis ad, but my mom did not know who he was. He invited her for a drink but she said no, so Brad told her that he was the commercial boy, and she rejected him again. He says he rejected him because at that time he had severe acne. Now my mom really regrets. By juno-f

5. Miley Cyrus

One of my best friends came out with Miley Cyrus when she was known as Destiny. They left throughout the sixth grade until she moved to Toronto to begin preparation for Hannah Montana. By Jashaun29

6. Hayden Panettiere

My brother came out briefly with Hayden Panettiere right after the release of his first Disney movie, Tiger Cruise. Apparently her family had a house on the lake and they met at a party. He even once accompanied me and my brother to the strawberry festival. It was very nice with me and we made a candle at the festival that I still have. She's one of the nicest girls I've ever met. By satansfirstwife

7. Pink

I left with Pink in high school. I was a problematic boy and Alicia was my feminine version. One day I was called to the principal's office because of something I had done the day before, she was almost always there. One day I invited her to leave thinking that she also felt something for me. It did not work. Ours only lasted a couple of weeks until they sent us to other schools for being so problematic. Years later, when he achieved fame, he contacted me on Facebook. By will_cains_burner

8. Jon Hamm

My creative writing teacher went out with Jon Hamm when they went to school. She ended with him because Jon wanted to get married and have children, but my teacher was a bit hippie and did not want to tie anyone. He says that he was very sweet and his parents liked him a lot, but that, in any case, he does not regret it. By runoutofwit

9. Elvis Presley

My grandmother went out with Elvis before he was famous, but he was forbidden to see him after he went to a family barbecue because my great-grandparents thought he was a problem boy. I think after seeing his biographical films, they were right. By snazzywaffles

10. Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler and I went to the same high school (although at different times). He left with my teacher's daughter for a while before moving to New York. He was and still is very loved by the family, even 20 years later he spoke to my teacher to wish him luck in his retirement. By MusickCAL

11. Monica Lewinsky

No one ever believes me, but I left briefly with Monica Lewinsky. I was more in love with her than she was with me. I think she is amazingly intelligent and those who criticize her are hypocritical and sexist. By pablorobo

12. Sara Gilbert

I invited Sara Gilbert to go out for a coffee. She was participating in a staging in the theater in which I worked in the nineties. It was my biggest crush and one day I finally got up the courage to invite her out the night of her last presentation. She rejected me but she did it very gently. It was very sweet By SuperScaredWarsRoach

13. Hannah Murray

I dated Hannah about 10 years ago. When season two of Skins He left, a girl he worked with knew her and orchestrated that we met. We went for a coffee, we got along and left for five months. We went to the movies, to drink. She is really intelligent, perceptive and very funny.One day, after a week without speaking, he marked me to finish with me because he was going to university. By cheersdrive420

14. Christina Aguilera

I met a guy who came out a few times with Christina Aguilera in 1999-2000, when it premiered Genius in the bottle. Apparently she marked him at all hours waiting for him to stop what he was doing to answer her and go with her. He bought him many things and treated him as if he belonged to him so he ended the relationship. By Zedress

15. Jamie Foxx

A good friend of the school confessed to me that she left with Jamie Foxx. She said it was nice, although extremely pompous and also referred to him in the third person.

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