15 Outfits inspired by your favorite Disney characters


Disney has not only inspired us with the stories of her films, she has also done so in the world of fashion and jewelry, and more and more girls are taking a character to choose their daily outfits. Thanks to Instagram account Disneybound, you can find all possible combinations of clothes that will make you look like your favorite character.

Since outfits inspired by Jessie the cowherd's Toy Story to Mufasa from The Lion King, these collections also include accessories so that you can complement them in the best way and, in addition, so that you manage to project the best of your childhood but totally fashionable.

1. You can complement it with a green bandana

2. Do not forget the hat because without a hat there is no cowgirl

3. If you do not want to wear chaps, opt for socks with a cow print

4. A jumpsuit defines Ellie's style

5. Do not forget the heaters

6. The crop top It will make you feel like a tender bear

7. The best of this outfit are the booties

8. Lizzie's style is very simple but feminine

9. White, black and gray to remind Mickey

10. So you'll look like a real queen

11. Remember the beret if you want to imitate the look of Goofy

12. Do not forget to place a bow in your braid

13. Definitely this outfit is the most feminine and fashion of all

14. The brown hat is very necessary

15. So you will take out your inner heroine

15 Simple Disney-inspired Outfits (April 2021)