15 Older adults who did not know how to use social networks; some are simply adorable


Social networks have become the largest communication tool in the world and although not all people know how to use them properly, they have fun trying, like the elderly people that appear on this list.

They tried to use social networks but they failed epically. Some of the funny comments are from grandmothers who believe that a chain of restaurants is talking to them alone, to ex-presidents who do not filter their offensive comments. These are 15 elderly people who did not know how to use social networks.

1. This grandmother believes that the star of death It's the moon

2. You're warned Ricky!

3. At least he made his first selfie

4. Maybe she liked Aunt Doris or does not yet understand Facebook

5. She is a woman of few words

6. Grandma, this is not the way to celebrate pets

7. Dear dad, that is not a necklace

8. Grandmothers are so sincere

9. At least he won a new friend

10. Your grandmother knows what she is talking about

11. Dwayne knows how to have patience

12. The former president of Mexico has no filters

13. A little fun reading while traveling, why not?

14. Good evening grandma

15. They still do not understand that Facebook is not Google

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