15 Netflix movies that you will not regret seeing


We know that deciding on a movie for the weekend can be difficult and that we can even spend a lot of time looking at the catalog before choosing one.

These 15 Netflix movies might not be your first choice, but you should give them a chance and let them surprise you. We assure you that you will get a good taste in your mouth.

1. Blue Jay

After 20 years without seeing each other and by chance, Jim and Amanda are in their hometown. Both have many things to tell each other and that is how they remember their past love and rediscover their magical connection.

2. The initiation

Nick Jonas plays a student who aspires to enter a fraternity to improve his life, but what started as pure fun will soon become a nightmare.

3. Busters Mal Heart

Buster is a mountaineer who runs away from the police and believes he is losing his mind because his dreams are very vivid. But he soon discovers that it is not about fantasies but that his mind inhabits two bodies.

4. A

Fifteen years later, Una decides to confront Ray, with whom he maintained a relationship at age 13. This puts at risk the stability of the man after having buried his past under a new name.

5. Duck Butter

Dissatisfied with their romantic life, two women decide to be together for 24 hours and explore their intimacy. But after that time it is difficult for them to separate.

6. Super Dark Times

Zach and Josh are lifelong friends, but a tragic accident with a samurai sword shakes the foundations of their relationship.

7. Under the shadow

Shideh must be left alone with her daughter after her husband is sent to fight in the Iran-Iraq war. When a missile crashes into your building you begin to believe that it brought evil forces and that your daughter is possessed.

8. It was heaven

A woman who was abused in her own home decides not to tell her husband what happened, without suspecting that he is planning his revenge.

9. My name is Doris

Doris has been ignored all her life, but after the death of her mother she enrolls in a self-help seminar that encourages her to try new experiences and find love.

10. Set it up: the imperfect plan

Two assistants, fed up with the workload, plan a vacation to get their respective bosses to fall in love with the hope that it will distract them and their burden will be lighter.

11. Little devil

This horror comedy shows the attempts of a newlywed to get along with his stepson. But things do not work and he suspects that the child is, in reality, a demon.

12. Little Sister

Colleen is a young nun who, with the return of her brother from the war in Iraq, returns to her old house and meets her youth room just as she left it: in a Gothic style. During the visit, he tries to stay true to his beliefs and ignore his past.

13. Pride, prejudice and zombies

A plague of zombies it invades Britain and instills terror among the inhabitants, so that Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet and his sisters must fight against the horde of undead to survive.

14. Ibiza

A young New Yorker travels to Ibiza to close a big business, but being there she falls in love with a famous DJ. In the search for man, he rethinks his goals and discovers that life is much more than just working.

15. Mr. Right

After a series of failed relationships, Martha falls in love with a man who has everything to change his luck, but who hides a great secret: he is a hit man.

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