15 Movies to show your boyfriend how bad it would be to lose you


In all relationships there are ups and downs, routine tires us and we do not know what to do to improve the situation. We can only see how our boyfriend begins to move away more and more, ceasing to show the same attention of before and the affection that promised us.

If you have ever felt this way and do not find how to make your special person see that the relationship is no longer working, there are tapes that not only serve to have a good time but also give us life lessons and can teach you how to connect again with your partner.

These are some films that can illustrate you in themes of love or you can see them with your boyfriend; he will realize what he can lose.

1. Love and other addictions

The story centers on Maggie and Jamie, and while the relationship begins in casual terms, it becomes the greatest and most powerful love. A reflective tape of what you can lose in seconds.

2. Diary of a passion

The story may seem very cheesy, but contains great details to learn to overcome any obstacle that life puts you; With a most moving end, you will not stop crying.

3. He do not like you to much

Although you may believe that the tape is more for single girls, reflect on what is lost by not seeing the qualities of the other person, and how it becomes all you need.

4. Living with my ex

An excellent tape that reflects the relationships in the worst moments and everything that we take for granted when we are in pairs.

5. We Dance?

Did you know that the dance fixes everything? We learn from the magnificent history; well, also that there is nothing better than maintaining communication as a couple, and that is not bad to try hobbies different

6. Maybe it's forever

Maybe you think you said it and expressed everything, but this tape will make you reconsider why it is not good to hide what you feel.

7. The good side of things

Have you been told that love heals everything? You will discover that he can heal all kinds of wounds, if you decide to open yourself to him.

8. Jerry Maguire

A story to learn that in life there are more important things than job success: family, social and couple relationships are worth more than recognition at work.

9. Under the same roof

The film is a comedy about two people who have to take care of the baby of their best friends, who died in an accident. This circumstance proves to them that they were not as happy as they believed, and that it is always good to have someone to tell.

10. Someone has to concede

In addition to being an excellent tape to prove that love has no age, it shows that it is okay to change tastes, and leave behind the fear of falling in love.

11. Christmas without the in-laws

While the tape is a reflection of that not wanting to spend time with your family, also reflects the situation of never hiding things from your partner.

12. What will I do with my husband?

Speaking of the monotony and its effects, this film reflects both how good it is to reassess the relationship and try new things.

13. Three is a crowd

This comedy portrays a seemingly happy couple, until his best friend moves in with them and their relationship begins to break down. All courtship can succeed in the face of any difficulty that may come.

14. Start again

A film that tells us that changes are good, because we can find new wonders that make us happy. We can all have a chance again to start.

15. 5th first appointments

What better film to show that nothing and no one can destroy love when it is true. Everything can beat you, even if your partner can not remember you in the morning.

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