15 Movies to laugh out loud if you are also a girl lover of black humor


A sense of humor defines the way you perceive comic or ridiculous situations in life. There are different types, such as the absurd that uses incoherent situations to generate laughter; its basis is the irrational of the moment and you can enjoy it in the animated series as SpongeBob, Adventure Time, The Magical Godfathers. Or white humor, that which is merely positive, familiar, which you enjoy in your most tender years of life, when you are a girl.

But there is another that only some understand, which is characterized by satirizing social situations, is controversial or even politically incorrect. He mocks tragic situations, but always with a touch of elegance and intelligence; It is perfect for minds that prefer to think and to which ridiculous situations do not appeal to them. Then 15 movies to laugh out loud if you have a dark sense of humor.

1. Dirty Grandpa, 2016

2. Sex Tape, 2014

3. Bad Teacher, 2011

4. Bad Moms, 2016

5. Horrible Bosses, 2011

6. Identity Thief, 2013

7. Scary Movie, 2000

8. Virgin at 20, 2005

9. Jennifers Body, 2009

10. Borat, 2006

11. The to do list, 2013

12. Seven Psychopaths, 2012

13. Fargo, 1996

14. Burn after reading, 2008

15. Shaun of the Dead, 2004

16. The Interview, 2014

17. American Psycho, 1991

18. Snatch, 2000

19. Pulp Fiction, 1994

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