15 Movies that you missed in the movies but that Netflix already has for you


When there is nothing to do during the weekend, the only option we have is to stay at home, mold the cushions and get to see many movies on Netflix.

That is why we have selected 15 of the best rated films by the audience for an outstanding marathon.

1. Inside Llewyn Davis

During a cold winter, with his guitar on his back, without a fixed house, a son to be born and without money to make a living. Llewyn survives singing in the streets, with the help of some friends who lend a sofa and a cat that becomes his best companion.

2. Let me in

A child who suffers bullying At school he becomes friends with a vampire girl who helps him defend himself. The film is an adaptation of a Swedish film that is much darker and sinister.

3. Frank

An aspiring musician who feels lost joins an avant-garde pop group led by the mysterious and enigmatic Frank: a genius of music who hides under a huge false head.

4. A corpse to survive

Hank is a castaway who has lost hope of returning home until he comes across a corpse that, apparently, has some life and becomes his friend.

5. Only lovers survive

Eve and Adam are two vampire lovers snobs who have very quiet lives and have managed to stop attacking humans to get blood. But her balance falters when Ava comes into their lives, a girl who has not yet mastered her wild instincts and puts them in difficult situations.

6. The place where everything ends

Ryan Gosling plays Luke, a motorcycle racer who works tricks at a fair. In one of the villages she visits, she meets Romina, they fall in love and she gets pregnant. From that, Luke decides to get diner for his son, but he does it in the wrong way.

7. So strong and so close

Oskar is a child who loses his father, who was also his best friend, in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2011. Before dying, his father prepared games that he called expeditions. Oskar finds among his things something that he interprets as signs that there is a last game he must do.

8. The cry of the butterfly

Inspired by the novel The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Juan Dominique Bauby due to an accident that introduced him to the world of the captivity syndrome. Totally paralyzed, unable to eat, talk or breathe without help, the ex-editor of the magazine Elle He tells his story and the way he managed to write it by dictating letter by letter, moving only the left eyelid.

9. The double

This film tells the life of a government employee who thinks he is losing his mind, because a man identical to him, with his same name, begins to lock in his building, conquers the girl he wants and takes over everything that ever dreamed

10. Blue Jay

Jim and Amanda are a couple who meet by chance in their hometown. After years of not seeing each other, they decide to catch up, having a regression in time in which they discover how happy they were together.

11. Gentlemen Broncos

A teenager attends a convention of writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy, where he discovers that the story he wrote for a contest was stolen by a famous novelist, and is considered a masterpiece.

12. Perfect love does not exist

Sophie and Mark are out, but their marriage is about to collapse. By order of their therapist, and to try to save their relationship, they decide to spend a weekend in a camp that will change their life.

13. Jesus Henry Christ

Henry is a child genius capable of remembering everything he has lived, but he has a pending issue: he does not know who his biological father is. His mother helps him in his search, together they find him and their lives change completely.

14. What We Do in the Shadows

Viago, Deacon and Vladisiv are three vampires who share an apartment. They do their best to adapt to the millennial society: they pay rent, go to the clubs, take photos and try to enter bars. A normal life, except for one difference: they are immortal and have to feed on human blood.

15. Super

A normal guy who created the pseudo superhero Crimson Bolt as his alter ego, after his wife fell under the spell of a charming drug dealer and escaped with him.

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