15 Movies about time travel that will take you to another dimension


Can you imagine having a time machine to travel to the past or the future? Probably the answer is affirmative, and that is to travel in time and know past times or look to the future to see what is in it, is one of the most recurrent fantasies of humanity at least so far.

Well, in any case we recommend 15 movies to enjoy a science fiction marathon through the hands of the clock and from the comfort of your present.

1. On the edge of tomorrow

Commander William Cage will have to travel back in time again and again, until he finds the solution to an alien invasion on Earth.

2. Doctor Strange

After an accident, Dr. Stephen Strange loses the mobility of his hands. When the medicine fails, look for an alternative cure in Kamar-Taj, there you will find dark forces and time travel that will turn you into a superhero.

3. Interstellar

A group of space explorers will have to discover a planet to which the human race can emigrate.

4. Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban

Sirius Black, a dangerous magician who was allied to Lord Voldemort, escapes from Azkaban prison with only one objective: to take revenge on Harry Potter.

5. A matter of time

Tim Lake travels in time, again and again, until he manages to conquer Mary, the girl of his dreams.

6. Avengers: Endgame

The Avengers will reconvene and travel back in time to prevent Thanos from snapping and restoring order in the universe.

7. X-Men: Days of the future past

The X-Men are debating a war over time to keep their species alive.

8. Men in black 3

Agent J will travel in time to prevent the death of his friend and partner, Agent K.

9. The cloud atlas

A set of different stories that are interwoven through the past, present and future.

10. Prince of Persia: The sands of time

Dastan and Tamina will join forces to protect the secret of the sands of time and capture the assassin of the king of Persia.

11. Parallels

Three brothers travel to parallel lands to save humanity from devastation.

12. John Carter: Between two worlds

John Carter travels in time to reach the Red Planet where he will help Princess Dejah Thoris to save her kingdom and keep the crown.

13. Star Trek

The crew of the Enterprise will have to fight an alien from the future that threatens to exterminate the United Federation of Planets.

14. A fold in time

Meg will travel through time and space to find her father, who disappears while working on an experiment.

15. Alice through the mirror

Alicia will have to travel to the chronosphere to stop the evil Tiempo and rescue her friend, the Mad Hatter.

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