15 Makeup mistakes that today's teenagers will not commit


There was a time when the makeup tutorials in Youtube and Instagram they did not exist, so the girls had to take inspiration from magazines, television or practically whatever came out of their head.

But those times have been left behind, now we have a myriad of beauty channels, images on social networks and makeup artists in Instagram that every day we share new tips to achieve a perfect makeup. Even so it is important to remember the makeup mistakes that were trend years ago. These are 15 makeup mistakes that today's teenagers will never make again.

1. Use the bronzer as a foundation

There was a time when we had no idea what the real skin tone of Paris Hilton was.

2. Spider eyelashes removed sensuality from your gaze

They only looked like lumps and more lumps.

3. The undefined shadows were horrible

The intense color on your eyelids hid your look.

4. Delineate the lower part of the eye was your daily bread

But it made you look scary and it detracted from your eyes.

5. Highlighting the cheekbones was not attractive

The main mistake was to apply different colors on your face.

6. The white shadows did not highlight the look

Well, they did highlight it, but in an exaggerated way.

7. The eyebrows had to be extremely thin

And if it was possible, you would better depilate them and draw them with a pencil.

8. The smokey eye excessively made your look small

Where are your eyes?

9. Why did the body have to shine so brightly?

We still do not understand why celebrities felt the need to fill their body with glitter

10. The lip gloss it was too annoying

If there was too much wind your hair would stick to your lips, and better not to mention the dust.

11. The outlined lips were worse than the gloss

There was no need to do it, but anyway, that was fashion.

12. The white-tipped nails were the most

Although they really look horrible because they are too square.

13. Before the concealer was used on the lips

Maybe it was because they did not know their true function.

14. Decorating the hair was painful

These woven braids only turned out to be very ugly and useless.

15. The worst was to use a makeup base of different tone

Now we know that if we use makeup base it has to match our skin tone, so it does not look orange.

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