15 less cutesy gifts that every millenial girl waits on Valentine's Day


If you are a girl who was born between 1984 and 2002, you can safely say that you are millennial. We are the generation that went from cassette to compact disc and in a close of eyes we already had an iPod in our hands. It was strange, exciting and above all, novel to move from one technological era to another.

However, not everything is based solely on gadgets and iOS products; our generation will also be remembered for being the most nostalgic and with a sense of acid humor. So for February 14, the girls have voted for the best 15 gifts we could receive to celebrate this date without too many hearts or cherubs getting in the way.

1. One horn BOSE

2. Funny cushions emoji

3. A hoverboard

4. Original stockings with a collage by James Franco

5. Gift cards Netflix

6. Bomb Baths to foam fun colors in the bathtub

7. Some cute headphones

8. ¡Bralettes; forever bralettes!

9. A cover with pizza design

10. Cultured jewelry, like this necklace inspired by plastic

11. Leggins sports

12. An original keychain

13. A physical activity counter like the Fitbit-zip

14. A very creative cell phone cover

15. A cute hat for summer

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