15 Jobs that are all LESS boring and would give an interesting twist to your resume


When we finish school and go out into the world looking for a job that is well paid and in which we develop our personal skills, many of us consider it important to find one where the activities to be carried out will please us and make us feel good, since we will spend a great part of our day fulfilling those responsibilities.

It may be that the search leads us to common jobs, but in the world there are others that are rare and strangely entertaining; those that you can not imagine you can find and that you did not even think someone would pay someone to do them. Here we show you the 15 most fun jobs in the world.

Note: all jobs bring the salary in US dollars.

1. Aquatic slides tester

In England they pay 31 thousand dollars a year, you must use the water attractions to check the height, speed, amount of water and landing. You will travel through Turkey, Spain and Jamaica, and they give you seven days of vacation that can be taken in one of these destinations.

2. Specialist teacher in playing with Lego

At the University of Cambridge, England, they offer a research grant for six thousand dollars a month. You just need to have pedagogical training, creative thinking, leadership qualities and love Laity. It is not just playing with these pieces but studying the effects of the game on the education and development of children.

3. Pastry taster

In St. Petersburg, Russia, the salary is two thousand dollars a month. You have to try around 10 cakes, 14 cakes, seven tarts, six per week petit fours and 11 desserts; You will have to evaluate the flavors, color, density and texture. You need a developed nose and palate, work experience, not having allergies, be positive and energetic. Training is offered in Belgium, paid gym and discounts on company products.

4. Island manager

In the Maldives, they offer $ 20,000 a month to organize the cleaning of the island, the kitchen and the houses. You must supervise the operation of the restaurant, bar, the use of the yacht, jet skis, sports equipment. Be responsible for transporting clients and have experience in hotel, restaurant or sports club management; The bonuses include a beachfront house with a private beach.

5. Beer taster

The Irish brewery Walled City offers this position where you must know the process of beer production, its flavors and consistencies; the salary is to treat. They offer free transportation from your home to work and overtime paid, you just have to present one day a month to try beers before they go on sale.

6. Bed tester

This employment exists around the world, the salary varies, you just have to evaluate the comfort of the room and the bed when sleeping; the schedule is from 10 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon. You should write your emotions, suggestions and complaints in a Blog and then report them to your employer.

7. Nanny of pandas

Who does not die to take care of these adorable bears? Well, in China they offer $ 32,000 a year to spend your days with these tender animals, take care of them, hug them and share your joy. Requirements include a minimum age of 22 years, knowledge about pandas, ability to take pictures; They offer free food and lodging.

8. Make reviews of movies and Netlfix series

The dream job for the fans of the series: it is in your home and the salary is agreed with the company. You only have to watch TV series, movies and label them according to the genre. You need an analytical mind, to understand the deep meaning of the productions that you will see, to be attentive Bonus: You will be the first to see the episodes.

9. Hug cats

At the veterinary Just Cats in Dublin, Ireland, and you will have to hug, pet and play with the kittens that are in treatment. Veterinary training is needed, being affectionate, a pleasant voice and ability to calm furry patients. Also, preferably, to distinguish the shades of the purring of the pussycat.

10. Video game tester

The salary is 30 thousand dollars a year and you must play all kinds of video games, report errors and weaknesses in the plot, visual and auditory quality. You just need to be a girl gamer Experienced, know how to use computers, pay attention to details and be able to play as a team. You can play from home and influence the development of the product.

11. Extra in movies

You can appear in movies several times a year; Most producers pay $ 100 a day. You should do what the director says, walk in the crowd, pretend to talk with other people, play roles in television series.You only need to pay attention when these vacancies are offered and to present yourself to the audition.

12. Walking trails

In Moscow, Russia, they offer a salary of 600 to 800 dollars a month in an ecological park to make nature trails. You must walk the proposed paths without deviating. There are two ways to mark them: one is to walk the entire map of the path together with your companions in single file; the other, choose a short stretch and walk until it is marked where you have passed.

13. Bicycle driver Google Maps

You must drive a bicycle like the one in the photograph, it has a built-in camera that captures the places you go through. This job is designed for those narrow places where a car can not access, obviously you should like to walk from here to there, have good physical condition and prepare for the exotic destinations where Google can send you.

14. Dinner taster

Apparently, Russia offers the funniest jobs, another of them is to try and evaluate around 20 dishes a week, made by chefs professionals; You will have to criticize them and make changes in the menu, if what you have tried does not convince you. They pay from 500 to a thousand dollars a month and you must bring up your skills to take photos with food. You need a sophisticated taste, excellent digestion and a very good appetite.

15. Professional traveler

The Life World Experience company offers a salary of 2 thousand 850 dollars per month to travel a year through 40 different countries, share your experiences, uploading photos, articles and videos to social networks and the official website of the company; It is from the age of 20 for all the intrepid globetrotters. The organizers of the project are responsible for transport, accommodation, entertainment and insurance costs. The most fun is that you will have four vacations of two weeks each.

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