15 Incredible minimalist outfits for lovers of comfort and simplicity

Less is more, that is the premise of minimalist fashion that is rebounding among the taste of many women, for the simplicity when choosing a outfit, for its elegance that leaves aside the far-fetched and find items that help save time without so much production and make you feel lighter.

The simple implies that the woman accepts herself more with what she has and that she defines herself less for what she lacks; In addition, it strengthens confidence and makes less visual noise. It is the woman who dominates the clothes and not the clothes who take her to her. The important thing is to look at the details and not choose more than three colors. Remember that if you choose the right minimalist attire, it will cause the greatest impact.

1. Lightweight and comfortable clothing

Remember to keep things clean, simple and neutral.

2. It's never boring

The garments have to be simple, without pictures or phrases.

3. Black is the favorite color

The colors must be neutral.

4. Add a little color

Pastel colors are allowed, you can also use colors such as coral, orange, green, fuchsia, lemon yellow or blue.

5. You can not miss formal garments

With this style elegance is sought, so it is important to wear simple cut garments.

6. Simple and casual

You must eliminate everything that is not useful or that hinders the view.

7. Do not complicate your look

Use straight lines and geometric shapes.

8. Lover of simplicity

Sobriety makes its way, coupled with the absence of prints.

9. Simple patterns

It is a sophisticated style but clean and refined.

10. Nothing adjusted

Do not use tight-fitting garments because they will make you lose the minimalist style, the garments must be wide so they have movement.

11. Choose the right accessories

Nothing flashy, just something that identifies you, the idea is to draw attention to the garments and not the aggregates.

12. Light and color

As long as you do not use more than three colors, and two of them are neutral, it is necessary from time to time to make an impact with a bright color that pulls out your inner light.

13. Simplicity is not synonymous with boredom

You can show your sensuality with this style, but remember that the important thing is austerity and the different shades of gray are your allies in this look.

14. Elegant

Incorporates sophisticated garments like blazers, neutral colored blouses, straight cut pants. In addition, this year's trend is the look androgynous.

15. Fresh

Do not forget that the main thing is your comfort, this helps project your security and leave everyone with their mouths open.

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