15 Incredible gifts that all parents with an adventurous spirit will love


He is the man who protects us, entertains us and gives us the best advice to face the most difficult situations in life, and no, he is not your partner, he is someone bigger than a superhero: he is Dad.

Sometimes the only thing that really matters is seeing a big smile on his face, and what better than to achieve it with a great gift that makes him happy. If you still have no idea what to give to the man you most admire, do not worry, here are some ideas.

1. Water proof watch

There are probably many waterproof watches, but none that are casual, multifunctional and with LED lights. Well, we have to accept that it is equal to others but this one is especially economical. You can get it here.

2. Leather backpack

Men also need a backpack in which they can store everything they need, especially if it's a laptop. Get it here.

3. Penknife hammer 2 in 1

If your dad is one of the men he loves to camp, this knife is for him, includes a hammer that turns into a pair of tweezers, great, right? Buy it here.

4. This multifunction tool

You can automatically adjust or loosen any screw or nut. Buy it here.

5. Beer cooler

Created especially for dads who love to have their beer cold. Buy it here

6. Watch for strength to accompany you

This great design is made with wood and on the back has a character from the saga of Stars Wars, get it here.

7. Goodbye to the lost keys with this locator

Finding your keys to go to work will be faster and easier. Buy it here

8. Electric toothbrush for parents who are obsessed with dental hygiene

This brush is so smart, it monitors your brushing habits and offers information on how to improve. You can get it here.

9. Set of glasses for dads who want to be interesting

The set of glasses includes a silicone mold so you can make a wedge of ice. You can buy it here.

10. Water bottle for elegant dads

This bottle will keep any cold beverage for 24 hours. Get it here.

11. Kit to make cocktails that complements any bar

Includes eight accessories that will make it the best bartender of the world. Buy it here

12. Telephone base, so rustic that your father will love it

It is practical, elegant and very cheap. You can buy it here.

13. Inflatable bed, so you can sleep wherever you want

A quick nap will always be welcome. You can buy it here.

14. Portfolio Orbit, so that dads never run out of battery

This smart wallet has something for any situation. A portable charger for the phone, a locator that tells you where it is, even a remote control to take you selfies. Money and credit cards are separate. Buy it here.

15. Digital measuring tape for practical dads

This tool will help your father know the measures he has just taken. You can buy it here.

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