15 Images that prove that good hearts still exist


Every day we see examples of kind people who do works totally disinterested by others, reminding us that despite wars, moments of darkness and uncertainty, or those of absolute anger with everything that surrounds us, you can have a gesture of good heart.

Be it with strangers or with our family or friends, be a Good samaritan helps us to set an example and, why not, makes us feel good by contributing our granite to improve our world or at least our environment. Check out the actions of these people so that you know what we are referring to.

1. One last love song

Howard, 92, sang his song to his wife Laura Youll Never Know a love song, popular between 1940 and 1950, while caressing her face gently.

2. To make a good first impression

Grant Kessler decided to wear a suit to meet his newborn niece because he wanted to make a good impression.

3. Adopted a grandma

Chris Salvatore adopted his neighbor so he could enjoy his last days, preventing him from going to a nursing home.

4. Girls outing

Mahri Smith and her friends invited a grandmother to take pictures with them as if she were another friend.

5. An unconventional ride

Edie Simms, a 102-year-old woman, wanted to experience the sensation of walking in the back of a patrol, as if she had been stopped; Missouri police fulfilled the wish.

6. Dresses for Africa

Lillian Weber has made more than 840 dresses for Dresses for Africa, a Christian non-profit organization that distributes dresses for poor girls in and around Africa.

7. Blessings cupboard

Maggie Ballard and her son Paxton, from Wichita, Kansas, placed a cupboard of blessings in front of their home. In it they leave food, clothing and personal hygiene items donated by the family and the community for the people who need them.

8. A new friend

Tara Woods and her daughter Norah made friends with Dan, an elderly man who had been widowed months ago and was depressed by the loss. The talk and the baby's love lifted her spirits.

9. Emotional counseling

Ciro Ortiz is a small 11-year-old who offers emotional advice to anyone who wants it on the subway in New York.

10. The best birthday party

Mahlon's 9th birthday party was not what he expected: none of his guests attended, so the mother posted the story on Facebook and thus managed to get the little one to receive gifts from strangers, greeting cards and even the message of your favorite writer.

11. Tattoos for children

Benjamin Lloyd, an artist from New Zealand, creates temporary tattoos for children at the Aucklands Starship Childrens Hospital. Its objective: to give joy and boost confidence in children.

12. A donation with love

Kiersten Miles, a 21-year-old student, donated part of her liver to little Talia, a minor she met when she was her nanny.

13. The appointment of the Thursdays

Brooklyn, a three-year-old girl who lives in Bloomington, Illiniois, waits every Thursday to watch her pass by and greet her favorite person: the garbage truck driver.

14. Repairs to dollar

Paul Betlyn, an expert electrician, repaired free of charge the thermostat of the house of Bridget, her two small children and Bobby, her military husband detached outside the country.

15. A very emotional thanks

The children who were cared for by the neonatal nurse of Intensive Care Renee, met with her and appreciated her attention and delivery.

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