15 Illustrations that show how sexism affects us


Sexism is something painful and offensive that is responsible for reminding us of the differences between men and women. On the one hand, women hide behind feminism, although sometimes they do it in a really extreme way, and on the other hand, men have never accepted that women have the same intellectual abilities that they can have.

The artist Rasenth created a comic in which she leaves some things clear about sexism. The decision to do so came after student Elliot Rodger killed six people and left 13 wounded in retaliation for women who rejected him sentimentally. Rodger's attacks only exposed his misogynist culture where he blamed women for the unhappiness of men, when it is likely that sexism is one of the main causes of this problem.

Rasenth said he only wants people to realize the unconscious standard that hurts us and harms the rest of people. Take a look at this original comic that perfectly captures how feminism helps us.

1. Apparently being superficial is a problem of aspects

2. And it applies to both men and women

3. We need to accept the negatives

4. No one wants to be treated as an object

5. We should not blame anyone for sexual harassment

6. Problems are not solved by changing the appearance

7. Neither are they solved with sex

8. Everyone has the right to explore their sexuality whenever they wish

9. Everyone is free to dress as they wish

10. The ideal weight does not exist, it is a question of stereotypes

11. All people deserve respect

12. Men do not deserve to be violated either

13. They deserve respect just like a woman

14. So it's time to leave behind the insults that affect your masculinity

15. Because sexism affects us all in the same way

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