15 Horror movies you'll only find on Netflix; Get ready for a night of shouting!


The expected month of the year is here! October has the largest and brightest moons of the 365 days, the leaves of the trees begin to fall leaving their branches bare, the days are getting shorter and shorter and the screens of cinema, television, smartphones Y tablets conspire to have a terrifying night.

For a long time Halloween has served as an inspiration to directors to create spooky series and movies, and Netflix has taken advantage of it, creating the best horror catalog in history.

1. Train to Busan

A man, his daughter and other passengers are trapped in a high-speed train during an outbreak of zombies in South Korea.

2. The Witch

In 1630, in New England, panic and despair surround a farmer, his wife and their children when the youngest of them disappears. The family blames Thomasin, the eldest daughter, but they are all wrong.

3. Hush

A deaf writer lives in a house in the middle of nowhere. One night, a man with a mask begins to harass her and although she takes a little longer to realize what is happening, you will already be screaming in terror.

4. The Open House

A teenager and his mother move from home to start over, but everything changes when they are besieged by supernatural forces.

5. Position

A man is infected by a virus zombie when he is bitten by his wife, now he must put his daughter safe, not only from the rest of the living dead, but from himself.

6. Voracious

Justine lives in a family where everyone is vegetarian. From his first day of veterinary school he deviates radically from his principles and eats meat. The consequences do not take long to arrive.

7. 1922

A man conspires to murder his wife for money and convinces his son to participate.

8. Honeymoon

A newly married couple goes to a secluded cabin in the middle of the forest to enjoy a few days of solitude. But things change when she starts behaving strangely.

9. Starry eyes

Sara Walker will do everything she can to get the role that will launch her to stardom. The search for fame will change it from the deepest part of your being until it becomes unrecognizable.

10. The clown of evil

A father finds a clown costume and puts it on for his son's birthday party. When the party ends and he tries to take off his suit he can not, and little by little he begins to suffer horrible changes in his body and personality.

11. Holidays

Every important day of the year deserves a celebration, but not all are good, some are terrifying, bloody and terrifying. Different stories show the dark side of the happiest days of the year.

12. Under the shadow

A mother and daughter will try to rebuild their lives after the war in Iran of the eighties, but a strange presence will make them more complicated than it already is.

13. Trust nobody

A woman wakes up every morning without any memory of her past, which will lead her to question herself, but above all, the people around her.

14. Emilie

When Thompson's parents take a night off, their three children are left in charge of the nanny. But when she changes her attitude things go dark.

15. Romina

A group of teenagers going on an expedition trip meet other classmates from the same school. Everything seems to be going well, until the violence takes over them.

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