15 HONEST questions that the person with whom you CASES should be able to answer


Marriage teaches you to live with the person you love, but above all, to understand it. Knowing the feelings and thoughts of the other strengthens the bond they have created as a couple; it turns them into mature beings who will know how to handle a relationship for a longer time.

The future, it is true, is full of uncertainties, but the fact that a person promises to love you for many years gives you the certainty of having a life partner. The only thing, then, that you can ask fate is for your partner to do everything possible to not fail in the greatest promise he has made to you.

Considering that both know each other, do you know what questions your partner should be able to answer with sincerity?

1. Why do you love me?

All people can have different answers to why we love someone, but if we do not exactly define that feeling, our relationship will not be as long and lasting as we think. Part of committing yourself to a person is to show them that you love them physically as well as sentimentally, with their defects and virtues.

2. Why do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?

Answering with a Because I love you is not enough. Your partner has to be able to tell you what he believes life can offer them both to experience and share; You have to be able to mention those little goals you want to establish together to make your life even more special.

3. Will you always keep the romance alive?

Keeping romance alive is not an easy task. There will be difficult times, and you will need to work on it constantly. It is one of their priorities to combat the routine and perhaps the indifference or lack of creativity that the years bring.

4. Will we grow together?

They may not know where their life will take them and what they will learn in the process, but they should know that they can make an effort to grow as a couple, share their dreams and aspirations.

5. Will we stay together in difficult times?

Good times are always enjoyed, however, it is difficult times that put you to the test. All relationships experience moments in which they must make important decisions, including choosing whether to continue together for longer. When a couple decides to stay together, no tragedy should make them think otherwise.

6. Are you willing to compromise to keep the peace?

The key to a successful marriage is to put aside the ego, no matter that both are competitive people. Sometimes one of the two has to give in to keep the peace. Regardless of the stress or arguments that often are not worth it, we must let the situation flow without anger being present.

7. Can you promise that our relationship will be the most important?

Marriage can be the basis for building dreams together, so your relationship should be more important than the ambitions you have separately. If they do it together, chances are they can enjoy it together and this will strengthen their relationship.

8. Can you be a great father?

You really can not know if it will be a great father or not, but this aspect is not random: it is decided. He can decide to be a great father in the same way that you are a great mother. On the other hand, there is no guide to know how to be parents, the important thing is that together they discover how to give the best of themselves to the children they plan to have.

9. Will you tell me often how much you love me?

People not only want to feel that they love them, they also need to hear it and be reminded. It's nice to hear: I love you.

10. Will you do everything possible to keep the passion alive?

If they want to have a happy and healthy marriage, then they must find a way to be attracted to each other and make sex an activity that both enjoy.

11. Will you support me in good times and bad times?

Not only economically, but emotionally or physically. Your partner should be able to provide support even in difficult times, and should help you regain the strength you need to move forward.

12. Do you promise to continue having personal successes and goals?

The dreams, desires and hopes that we have must be kept alive. Marriage is not just us; It is also a you and a me. Do not make the marriage end the personal successes they had before they decided to share their lives.

13. Will not you neglect your health?

Leading a healthy life can make everything easier. Feeding, exercise, a medical check-up periodically will allow your partner to worry about their own health. Being a healthy person depends on yourself and is not the responsibility of others, even if it is your partner.

14. Will you be with me until the end?

Most people do not like to think about death, but nobody should leave this world alone.That's why you should thank life that your partner is sure to accompany you to the end, when you can remember that life was worth it because they were together.

15. Do you promise me that if I die before, will you continue to live for both?

If death comes before one of the two, it is good to know that the other will enjoy life to the fullest because they have decided so. But also for the one who has left, to whom the last thing he would like would be to know that death has destroyed what he loves most.