15 Healthy and delicious BEVERAGES that will take away the SED


With the arrival of summer, high temperatures leave us with an insatiable thirst, and drinks with high caloric content, in addition to not helping our thirst to decrease are harmful to health due to the large amount of dyes and additives that compose them .

The ideal to quench our thirst during this season is to consume delicious fruits whose sugars are natural. And for that, here we show you a compilation of the best drinks you can make yourself.

1. Smoothie coconut

A delicious and refreshing idea. Look at the recipe Here

2. Frozen mango tea and strawberries

A paradisiacal combination that you will love. Here is how it is prepared.

3. Cucumber, raspberries and grapes

This delicious and refreshing combination will quench your thirst. Look here for its easy preparation.

4. Kiwi and cucumber

Sweeten it to your liking or if you wish, eliminate all the sugar. Here is the prescription.

5. Pink lemonade

Lemonade is one of the easiest drinks to prepare and if you add some red fruits, it will be delicious. Look at the recipe here.

6. Watermelon and coconut

Naturally sweet and totally refreshing, here is your delicious recipe.

7. Strawberry, lemon and cucumber

You can give it a greater flavor if you crush the strawberries. Look here how to prepare it.

8. Grapefruit and lemon

Despite the slightly bitter taste of grapefruit, this combination of citrus is perfect. Enjoy it by following the recipe here.

9. Horchata, almonds and vanilla

Can you imagine preparing this sweet and refreshing water? It is very simple. Look at the recipe.

10. Melon, honey and mint

You can prepare this exotic drink to show off when you receive your friends. Follow the easy steps here.

11. Mint and cucumber

This is another classic for a hot afternoon. Completely natural and very economical. Here is the prescription.

12. Citrus water and apple

Detoxify your body with this refreshing drink. Mix following your recipe.

13. Watermelon and mint

Watermelon contains natural sugars that refresh your body, and the touch of mint highlights its flavor. Here is the way to prepare it: you will love it!

14. Orange and basil

The citrus water provides great benefits for the natural vitamins it contains. You will be surprised at the flavor that the basil adds. Here the recipe.

15. Mango and lemon

You will quench your thirst in a very sweet way with this drink that, in addition, looks beautiful. The recipe is here.

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