15 Habits that all WOMEN should start having at 20 years old


Women are beautiful and intelligent, however, we continue to acquire social beliefs about issues related to our identity. It has been like that since we are girls, but only we have the power to change them. As soon as possible.

Why not review these 15 examples, and mark the change at age 20, when our adult life is beginning?

1. Stop looking at the size of your clothes

My beautiful and beautiful woman: please stop giving importance to the size of your clothes, because it really does not matter. When you finally read the labels of the garments without worrying if the number has a single digit or two, the change will be impressive, and the clothes will like you much more.

2. Stop comparing your body with other women's

I recently had a really miserable conversation with an 18-year-old girl. She said that my thighs were smaller than yours, and I was forced to answer that her waist was smaller We both felt absurd and we realized that a conversation like that was useless because it did not bring us anything good.

Your body has incredible things, but only you, before anyone else, can discover them. Think that another girl who is thinner has nothing to do with who you are. You are precious and the secret is that you must love yourself.

3. Give yourself a compliment every time you go through a mirror

It is so easy to acquire the habit of pointing out our faults when we are in front of a mirror! Please bend radically to the other direction: you must congratulate yourself every time you look at yourself, by the attire you are wearing and that truly reflects your style; so beautiful you smile For so many things

4. Stop dating guys who do not show respect for women (starting with you)

I really believe that your partner should make you feel like the most attractive, intelligent and special on the planet. If you do not do anything that at least comes close to this, I promise you will never regret letting it go.

5. Eat a dessert whenever you want

There are few things I hate more than hearing a woman justify herself when she eats a dessert. Let me tell you that I eat chocolate almost every day (not much, but I do) and nobody has ever stopped dating me for that. The dessert is great and everyone knows it.

6. Open a savings account

Worrying about saving for the future may seem very far away, but the best way to make it part of your good financial habits is to have an account that you never leave in zeros, and increase your amount during the course of your working life.

7. Always keep in mind the possibility of an increase

Ask for it when appropriate for the time you have been in the company, for your good performance will give you valuable experience on request and the right and wrong ways to do it. Imagine a life in which the work you do does not correspond to the salary you deserve.

8. Also try to have a reservation to take a vacation

Of course you have to be prepared for a difficult time (if you break your leg and can not work for three weeks, you will not want to borrow in three different places), but you also want to be able to have a reason to work every day of the week and a half Saturday. That's why vacations exist.

9. Stop buying only cheap clothes or on offer

Sometimes It is good to buy cheap things, but it does not have to be your only criterion. You can spend your money on clothes or accessories that you really like, that are of good quality, and go forming a wardrobe that reflects who you are.

10. Stop feeling ashamed to tell the guys that you have your period

This really happens to you and they know it. I do not know who told them, but someone did. Maybe it was an ex-girlfriend or a sister, but someone filtered the information and they know we have a period. So you can tell him that you do not want to go out with him tonight because you do not feel good or you would not be comfortable.

11. Develop a skin care routine

It does not matter if you are smiling at yourself in the mirror while you apply sunscreen to protect that pretty face (no kidding, sunscreen is a must): you have to start taking care of yourself.

12. Trust that what your body is telling you is right

If you eat when you are hungry, really hungry, and if you do not eat when you do not have it, everything is balanced. Sometimes you can feel ravenous all day and sometimes you can only eat a little, as some days you can run 8 kilometers and others can not get up.

13. Find a way to exercise that you really like

If you can find a type of exercise that you like to do, even if it's walking or riding a bike instead of driving, you should do it now. Because after 30 years you can increase up to 3 or 5 times more muscle mass per decade if you do not. Keep those muscles, girl.

14.Tell your partner your fantasies

It feels uncomfortable, it grieves you, it almost petrifies you, but you'll never get to do it if you do not start talking about it. Also, do not you die to know what it would be like?

15. Tell people that you care how much you love them

Human beings should listen to these words every day, from at least one person. Why are you not that person?

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