15 Great movies directed by women that you can watch on Netflix


Films directed by women are still a minority within the film industry, even though feminism is a topic of conversation at the moment, there is still a long struggle for the production of new films under the female leadership. Either way, there is no doubt that something is changing.

Therefore, we will take a tour of the 15 films that are proof of the talent and quality of these renowned directors. A sample of the talent of Angelina Jolie, Anne Fletcher, Sian Heder, Gaby Dellal, among others who are waiting for you in this list that you can see right now on Netflix.

1. Dumplin

A film directed by Anne Fletcher. He talks about an overweight girl, daughter of an exreina of beauty who registers to the same contest in which her mother won. As a form of protest, it shows the small Texan people that beauty comes in all shapes and colors.

2. To all the boys I fell in love with

What would happen if all the guys that you liked have learned at the same time what you felt for them? This happens to the protagonist who now will not only have to fight with the reactions of the boys, but of all the people around them. Directed by Susan Johnson.

3. The invitation

Will and Eden were an extraordinary couple until their son dies in tragic circumstances. Eden, undone, leaves Will but after a few years she becomes married and decides to invite him to dinner, him and his new partner. Immediately the guests realize that something sinister happens in the environment. Film directed by Karyn Kusama.

4. Tallulah

The director Sian Heder portrays the story of Tallulah, an independent girl who, after running into an alcoholic woman who asks her to take care of her baby, decides to take the baby away because she can not leave her in the conditions in which she lives. A film that explores the different forms of motherly love and the needs of all for being loved.

5. Lovesong

The film portrays the romantic relationship of two friends, Mindy and Sara, which emerges in the road trip they undertake. Even though they later split up, a few years later Sara struggles to reunite with Mindy before her wedding. With the address of So Yong Yim.

6. The bookstore

A film directed by Isabel Coixet. Florence arrives in a quiet town on the English coast where she decides to open a bookstore, a long-term dream she shared with her husband. But his illusions will stumble upon Violet, a lady who dominates citizens.

7. No idea

Although this movie is from the nineties, it is still a clear example of female talent. Cher, a 16-year-old girl who has all the money in the world, is a girl like anybody, worried about school, her friends A funny tape about the perception and life of this young woman, which until now has become a cult movie for fashionistas. Directed by Amy Heckerling.

8. Knowing Ray

A family history of three generations, under the direction of Gaby Dellal. Ray is a transsexual teenager at the beginning of his gender transition. His mother locates her biological father to give legal consent to her son's transition. Dolly, Ray's lesbian grandmother, will have to accept that she will have a grandchild instead of a granddaughter.

9. Voracious

Justine is a lifelong vegetarian girl who enters the veterinary school where her sister studies. All this is compromised when Justine, being part of a hazing, is forced to eat meat, which will awaken impulses that she herself was unaware of. Taken to the movies by the director Julia Ducournau.

10. First they killed my father

This film directed by Angelina Jolie is set in 1975 and inspired by a true story. It tells the story of Ung, a seven-year-old girl who is forced to be a soldier, while her brothers are sent to labor camps during the Khmer Rouge regime.

11. Private life

A fun and emotional story of a couple trying to have children through assisted reproduction and adoption. Your marriage will be emotionally affected in many ways, but the return of Sadie, a young girl who has just left school, will change the way you see things. Directed by Tamara Jenkins.

12. I miss you already

Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, it portrays the story of Milly and Jess, who have been friends since childhood. Despite having such a close relationship, she will be put to the test when Milly is diagnosed with breast cancer and will need her friend more than ever, and Jess will take the fight to both support her and enjoy her pregnancy.

13. Frida

This film takes the life of the famous artist Frida Kahlo; is directed by Julie Taymor. She shows us her most important and representative moments that changed her life and that made her the artist we know.

14. The Babadook

The story of a woman and her son who starts talking about the character in a children's book as if it were real. Soon macabre things happen that convince her that the character Mrs.Babadook is more real than I thought. Directed by Jennifer Kent.

15. The bread of war

First solo movie by Nora Twomey, which this time turns her eyes to Afghanistan. Starring Parvana, an 11-year-old girl who, after being arrested by her father, must pretend to be a boy so she can work and help her family. A painful real history, brought thanks to the magic of animation.

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