15 Great ideas of hairstyles with braids to store the iron


There are days when we need to put aside the iron and loose hair to concentrate on combing with a cute bun or a ponytail; the problem is that we have no idea what hairstyles to make and we do not know which ones look good depending on the occasion.

However, there is a way to hold our hair that will never disappoint us, it is simple and can also be used daily or for a special occasion we are talking about braids. There is an impressive amount of braids you can do, it does not matter if your hair is long or short. And for inspiration to come to you, here we leave you 15 hairstyles with braids that you'll want to try.

1. Simple and feminine

2. Ideal for girls who exercise

3. Side by side

4. A romantic hairstyle

5. In zigzag

6. Elegant and perfect for a wedding

7. With a feminine and tender bow

8. Perfect for a casual hairstyle

9. Sophisticated and elegant

10. Step by step to make a headband

11. This braid is beautiful

12. A princess-style headband

13. You have to try these bubble braids

14. An ideal hairstyle if you will attend a formal party or dinner

15. For a night of dancing and partying