15 Garments with embroidery for a spring touch in your wardrobe


The embroideries will be the protagonists of the next spring-summer season. We will see them in all kinds of garments: bags, dresses, jackets and even caps. And the flowers will be the most used motifs, filling your clothes with colorful colors.

The trend started in 2017 on the catwalks thanks to the brands Gucci, Dolce & Gabana and Versace; It is associated with the natural and artisanal. Now nobody escapes the thread and the needle of his designs.

1. Embroidery will be the star of this spring

2. Your colors will add a touch of energy to your style

3. Regardless if you carry them in jeans or a dress

4. Let your steps conquer the world

5. Convert formal blouses into casual garments

6. They add a touch of freshness and romanticism

7. You can use them in a sophisticated event

8. Even in your school backpack

9. How about for a casual date?

10. Their designs allow each garment to be unique

11. Renew your street style with small details

12. The crop tops They are basic in heat season

13. Neither cold nor heat, but much glamor

14. Daring and casual without spending all your savings

15. Because every detail counts take them in your earrings and wallet