15 Funny situations that only women over 30 will understand

Reaching the third floor can be an overwhelming stage for many people, especially when you start to see the changes that happen around you or even in your mood and of course in your tastes.

When you turn 30, every day you wake up and you look in the mirror looking for changes in your face, if you have wrinkles or gray hair, you stop drinking coffee because you know it will give you insomnia, you become more careful with your diet and you only hope not to wake up aching after spending hours sitting in the office. Although everyone tells you that it is a great stage in life, the only positive thing you find is that up to a point, you have the freedom to do what you want. These are some situations with which you can feel identified if you are already in that moment.

1. The sad reality

2. Although you were not invited to the wedding

3. Small pleasures of life

4. The worst part is that you do not know the music

5. That wonderful feeling

6. But it is only for a limited time

7. They do not know the real adrenaline

8. And you do not know if you have to tip

9. And you're in a hurry to get to sleep

10. And you do not know if it's another day

11. And you want to sleep more

12. And hope that nobody bothers you

13. A rich nap after a glass of wine

14. After 30 you do not have time to see your friends

15. This is your face after eating something spicy