15 Funny reactions from celebrities when they are stalked by the paparazzi


Being a celebrity is not easy, everything has a price and they know it. One of the highest costs of having such status is that their fans all the time want to know what they do and how they live when they are not in front of cameras. For that there are paparazzi.

However, these men who spend their time harassing celebrities reach certain rather overwhelming extremes, causing celebs Get out of your senses by not being able to even go out to the street to walk at ease. This gallery is dedicated to the 15 best and funniest reactions celebrities have had when encountering a stalker with a camera.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

He was left with the iron mask.

2. Shia Labeouf

It seems he was punished.

3. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

They did altruistic work.

4. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams

They wanted to make their message clear.

5. Jim Carrey

This man is on another level.

6. Cara Delevingne

He honored his name with those faces.

7. Ryan Gosling

He is sexy until angry.

8. Emma Stone

We do not know what he meant.

9. Grant Gustin

A very style cool.

10. Adame Levine

With a humanitarian message.

11. Bruce Willis

This man has style.

12. Katy Perry

Who is behind the head of dona?

13. Benedict Cumberbatch

It is not considered as important as Egypt.

14. Shaquille ONeil

Does anyone know where Shaq is?

15. Dustin Hoffman

Like a spy.

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