15 Funny memes show the Pope's reaction to Trump's visit to the Vatican


Being a priest is not easy, you just have to ask Pope Francis. Or better yet, see a photograph of him trying to smile while standing next to Donald Trump and his family. This only shows us that some challenges are so great, even for a man who always has God on his side.

The funny picture was taken during Trump's recent visit to the Vatican and while the president of the United States is smiling, the poor Pope expresses what many of us feel for Trump: displeasure. The faces of all those that appear in the photo are very peculiar, and Internet users did not hesitate to create different memes and express their feelings in Twitter. Take a look at some of them. Maybe the Pope is not laughing, but you will laugh for hours.

1. Thus began everything

2. They are more disturbing than any movie

3. Maybe the only disturber is Trump

4. From 1 to 9, what Pope Francis are you today?

5. For the first time together, Damien, Valak, the Burns twins and the Trump family, oh yes and Pope Francis

6. The perfect representation of the Adams family

7. Oh God! Because I?

7. It was the worst day to go to work

8. Find the differences

9. After the exorcism you will forget your evil smile

10. Could it be that the Pope does not want Trump?

11. Being an adult makes him feel so sad

12. This is the true face of Pope Francis

13. The new movie of Young witches will have Melania as the main star

15. American Horror Story 5: The Vatican

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