15 Funny images that will remind you what it is to have brothers


Having a brother or sister is great in anyone's life, but during childhood this does not seem to be the case: the screaming, the antics, the fights make us want to be an only child. Although it is not easy to deal with a brother, it is beautiful.

Next we show you some funny images of situations that happen between brothers.

1. Shut up!

2. A very busy sister

3. Your younger sister always wants to be like you

4. The best of the fights and discussions are the reconciliations

5. Their antics can be epic

6. And this is every day

7. They do not want to share with you

8.It makes you want to send them away

9. Put it on sale

10. Disappear

11. But sometimes they hide you from mom

12. Or do they support you?

13. They blame you for something they did

14. He makes fun of you but he is fond

15. Your brother tries to imitate you in everything

16. It may be your best accomplice

17. And your worst enemy at the same time

18. But they will always want to be together

19. A brother or sister protects you

20. And your love is unconditional

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