15 Funny images that show that animals do not know the concept of personal space


It is time to talk about a serious problem that is experienced daily, or that at least all pet owners have: our best friends have no idea what respect for personal space is, especially when they want to receive all the attention.

It does not matter that they have to climb to sit on our lap or get into the bathtub when we are taking a relaxing bubble bath, they will do anything to make their presence felt. These are 15 images that show that animals do not know personal space, and do not care.

1. Human, it's time for you to caress me

2. I also want to look out the window!

3. Can I lie down next to you?

4. Human do you have time to take me for a walk?

5. Rest human, I will do it for you

6. Where was the human?

7. I can not believe it, I found my new bed!

8. Do you mind if I accompany you?

9. After brushing your teeth, better caress me

10. Do not worry, pretend I'm not here

11. How do you say? I'm trying to reach a mosquito

12. I rest and you work, what do you think?

13. Hello human, are you here?

14. Are you telling me that the car seat was not for me?

15. Can I take a shower with you? I'll take that as a yes

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