15 Fun poses you should try with your best friend; they are worthy of Instagram


The best friends not only keep secrets and share unforgettable moments are also those beings with whom you can make an incredible photo session, especially if they go on a trip to a magical place like the beach or a small town.

In a few years you will look at your photo albums and you will realize that your friend was always present in every madness you could think of, that she was the one in charge of capturing them and even the protagonist of each one. So, if you are bored with the typical pictures then here are 15 amazing ideas of funny pictures you can make with your best friend.

1. This is what I mean by holding my friend's hand

2. If your best friend is thirsty, give her a small drink

3. Beware of the boat!

4. How is it that they do it?

5. Now I know how shaker umbrellas work

6. A friend for breakfast No!

7. Boards are the same

8. The perfect balance does not exist

9. Does this refer to organic clothing?

10. Driving towards happiness

11. Kame hame ha on the beach!

12. Dr. Strange, is that you?

13. This is how Aquamán would look if she were a woman and had better friends

14. One flower covering another flower

15. This is chilling, but I have to try!

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