15 Fun images of the strangest people who have ever traveled in the metro


Have you ever traveled by subway? If so, it is also very likely that you have noticed that people who use this service are reading a book, listening to music and even sleeping a little.

But not all passengers are the same, there are people who like to travel disguised as a character, with their pets, using an exotic hairstyle and even preparing dinner. These images show us that the interesting thing about life does not happen on top of the earth, but under the city. Take a look at the 15 strangest people who travel in the subway.

1. This lady needed a good read: she printed 4 sheets of Facebook comments

2. Now you know where the real tomatoes are

3. I call this traveling with class

4. He found a way to respect his personal space

5. This is probably the worst trip of all

6. They were the lucky ones to receive a letter from Hogwarts

7. Woman who respects herself, prepares dinner in the subway

8. Did someone see my hat? It does not matter, I'll take a cabbage

9. Pikachu evolved in a strange way

10. Now I know how to dress on Halloween

11. If dogs go in a bag, they can travel by subway

12. Is it a good idea to wear it on a leash?

13. This is the reason # 528287 why you should not travel by subway

14. A great battle is about to begin

15. It's just a girl traveling with her crow

17. This boy created his best friend

18. How do you manage to have hair like that?

19. Why go out to dinner when you can do it on the subway?

20. Now we just need to know how it will happen

Strange and Bizarre People You'll Ever See On The Subway (December 2021)