15 Fun illustrations that show what life is like in a couple's life


Living as a couple can be one of the best stages that a person can experience. You learn from the other, you have long talks and adventures. And although sometimes the fights appear, after solving them you realize that all experiences are really worthwhile. That's what Yehuda Devir, an illustrator from Tel Aviv, Israel, knows. He loves to draw and design adorable comics about the adventures he lives next to his wife Maya.

Whether they're taking a shower or cooking tough foods (like a cereal), Yehuda's wife gives her all the inspiration she needs to create her cute and adorable comics. Just take a look at his great collection of illustrations. They are fantastic!

1. Every great story begins with a yes, I accept!

2. Then we use them as our personal pillow

3. Bathing together is not always an option

4. Winter can turn us into a werewolf

5. We protect our partner from any danger

6. Preparing cereal can be a difficult task

7. Only we know the intentions of another woman

8. We are always warm, especially in winter

9. A hug can calm any concern

10. A good relationship also needs little jokes

11. Depiling us can turn us into Hulk

12. When a couple makes a selfie, This is what is happening

13. When we see a movie reality is different

14. And although sometimes small fights look like this

15. It is best to finish this way

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