15 Fun facts that every woman who calls herself a Johnny Depp fan should know


He is one of the sexiest men on the planet and embodies the deepest desires of millions of women. In addition, he is one of Hollywood's most talented and multi-faceted actors. John Christopher Depp II was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, on June 9, 1963. He has produced, directed and written screenplays. His first performance was in 1984 in the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street, and since then it has not stopped.

Is the bad boy that all want: controversial, egocentric and extravagant, even so, nobody can resist him. He has lived through difficult stages throughout his life, but he has always succeeded. He is the father of two teenagers who procreated with his ex-partner Vanessa Paradis: Lily-Rose Melody and John Christopher III. This is a list of the curiosities you have to know about Johnny Depp.

1. Hollywood Vampires

He is a member of a band rock, created by Alice Cooper and guitarist Joe Perry, to pay tribute to the musicians who died in the seventies.

2. He was a guest of Dracula

After his famous separation from actress Amber Heard, Johnny took refuge with his friend Tim Burton and his bandmates. Hollywood Vampires in the castle of Dracula, in Romania.

3. Abandoned the institute for love of rock

He was given his first guitar when he was 12 years old and he fell in love with music, so he decided to leave school and devote himself to his band. His parents convinced him to go back to school and the director of the institute convinced him not to abandon his dreams.

4. As a child he constantly moved

His family had to change residence at least 20 times for work reasons. It was finally established in Florida.

5. He owes his career to Nicolas Cage

The actor was responsible for involving Johnny in the world of cinema. Their friendship has been strengthened over the years and both have relied on difficult times.

6. He loves the ink on his skin

It has 13 tattoos, among the best known is the Wino Forever, product of his failed relationship with Winona Ryder; he also has an American Indian, a heart with the letters Betty Sue in honor of his mother, an inverted triangle, the symbol The Brave, three rectangles on the finger, number 3, Lily Rose for her daughter and of course, Jack for her son, among others.

7. The sexiest man

Recognition that has been obtained twice by the magazine People and has been nominated in other occasions.

8. Adopted the horse that accompanied him on the ribbon Sleepy Hallow

After learning that the horse would be sacrificed at the end of the shooting of the tape, Johnny decided to take him home and take care of him.

9. Love animals

Loves! Think that they are capable of transmitting pure and sincere love.

10. He has worked 8 times with Tim Burton

The productions in which they have coincided are: Dark Shadows, Alice in Wonderland, Sweeny Todd: the diabolical barber of Fleet Street, Bride's corpse, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Sleepy Hollow, Ed Wood Y The young hands of scissors.

11. A girl asked for help to organize a riot

The little girl wrote a letter asking her to help her organize a riot against her teacher. The next day, Depp appeared disguised as Captain Jack Sparrow and convinced the students to change their minds and start studying.

12. Take care of Heath Ledger's daughter

After the actor died, Depp convinced his co-workers Jude Law and Colin Farrell to donate all their proceeds from the movie The imaginary doctor Parnassus to the daughter of Ledger, so that the girl did not have economic problems in the future.

13. He loves to sign autographs

Johnny thinks that he is a fundamental part of his work and he does it with pleasure.

14. He is extremely grateful

After her daughter Lily Rose fell ill in 2007 because of the bacteria E. Coli and had to be admitted to the Great Ormond Street Hospital from London, Johnny disguised himself as Jack Sparrow and went to the hospital to encourage other sick children; He also donated a million dollars to the institution.

15. It is part of the Guinness Book of Records

He entered the list in 2012 as the highest-paid actor in film, receiving an incredible $ 75 million per film.

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