15 Floral nail designs that will make you feel like the queen of spring


The arrival of spring brings many possibilities of style to see us resplendent: open sandals, fresh dresses, hairstyles collected and, of course, floral nails!

The beauty of flower designs is that they never go out of style and can be as complicated or as simple as you want. These 15 are perfect, whether you prefer to go to a professional salon to get a manicure or experience yourself in the comfort of your home. Is not it great?

1. Three colors are enough to give personality to your hands

2. Dare to mix styles

3. You can turn your nails into a garden

4. Or choose a simple flower

5. Spring and vibrant colors get along very well

6. But you can also choose black to highlight

7. Get creative and use dry flowers

8. Or paint them so they look real

9. You can add details, such as small stones

10. Or be as minimalist as possible

11. Paint them on all your nails

12. Or focus on one finger

13. Whatever you prefer, it's sure to fit well with everything

14. Oh, and do not forget to use a ring to complement your manicure

15. Are you ready for spring?