15 Famous ultra hot who are excellent parents; they would do anything for their children


They are sexy, famous, talented and above all excellent parents who would be able to give everything for their children and try to be the best example for them. They know they spend a lot of time working, so they try to be with them in their spare time.

They give everything for them and are willing to do anything to make them happy, even learn to change diapers. These are some of the parents more hot of the Show.

1. Channing Tatum

This handsome and muscular gal is an incredible dad for his little Everly. She loves to take her to bed doing beatbox to calm her down and she is also an expert in changing diapers.

2. Ryan Gosling

He is a loving father with his little Esmeralda Amada and Amanda Lee, although he does not like to give details about his private life. He has been seen on a few occasions with small ones in public spaces.

3. John Legend

He is the happiest man since the arrival of his little Luna Simone Stephens, he feels completely in love with her.

4. Ryan Reynolds

Worships the naughty James, who is a complete diva, and loves her little Ines. He has declared that he would give his life for them.

5. Chris Hemsworth

This man would do anything for his three children: India Rose, Tristan and Sasha.

6. Stephen Amell

This Canadian actor is fascinated with his four-year-old daughter Mavi Alexandra Jean Amell.

7. Chris Pratt

He revealed the tender story of how he was about to lose his little Jack at birth, as he was a premature baby and was born weighing 1.7 kilos. Because of this, the child has suffered some diseases and has had to undergo surgeries. His parents always stay by his side.

8. Jamie Foxx

This fantastic actor has two daughters, Corinne and Annalize Bishop. Her eldest daughter is a stunning woman who accompanies him on the red carpet of events in Hollywood, and little Annalize is the princess her father consents to all the time.

9. Justin Timberlake

This little one takes the talent in the blood, Silas Randall Timberlake is two years old and his parents love him madly.

10. Robbie Williams

Far from the cameras and the reflectors, Williams is a loving father with his small children: Theodora Rose and Charlton Valentine, with whom he prefers to spend his free time and watch them grow.

11. Ricky Martin

Little Matteo and Valentino are the pampered of his father, who tries to give them the best possible education and be present in their lives all the time.

12. David Beckham

The soccer star has a very close relationship with his children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper, whom he takes everywhere and tries to spend as much time as possible by his side.

13. Ryan Phillippe

Despite not living together, Ryan loves spending time with his children Ava Elizabeth and Deacon.

14. Robert Downey Jr.

The man of steel is a loving father to his sons Indio and Exton Elias, he tries to give them a good example and support them in everything.

15. Tom Brady

The sportsman has three wonderful children with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen: Vivian Lake, John Edward Thomas and Benjamin Rein. He is undoubtedly an exceptional father who loves to play with his children.

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