15 Fabulous teachers who really enjoy their work; they deserve a Nobel prize


We have all had an unforgettable teacher, either because of his charisma, his advice, or because of the times when he separated us from our best friend so as not to talk anymore, or even worse when he ordered so much homework that we could not sleep over the weekend.

Whatever the reason why you remember that teacher, there will always be one that shows us how much you love your profession and especially your students, like these 15 teachers who earned the respect of their students in an epic way.

1. They share their hobbies

Overcome this, young Padawan.

2. They believe they have everything under control

The best way to teach is through practice.

3. They force us to love their classes

My teacher is the funniest, always staging important people in history and Cleopatra is no exception.

4. They support us in and out of the classroom

A girl took her son to class because he did not have money to pay for a nanny. When the little one started crying, the teacher loaded him and calmed him down. All that without interrupting the class.

5. They have a high sense of creativity

Nobody will forget where Sparta is.

6. They recover their forces in an epic way

This teacher takes tears from students.

7. Know what the songs are with wave

This teacher had the best idea of ​​the year, besides his students learned chemistry at the rhythm of Bad Romance.

8. They teach us to troll to our classmates

He did not wake him up, nor did he scold or punish him. This teacher just made the whole room laugh.

9. They are an excellent example

My teacher promised that if we all got excellent grades, he would disguise himself as Scooby-Doo and bring us a champagne without alcohol. We achieved it and kept his word as a whole man. When I grow up I want to be like him.

10. Nothing stops them

A true teacher always finds tools for his work.

11. They know what their students need

Who would not want to have had such a teacher?

12. Appreciate the value of art

This is the kind of teacher who truly values ​​your effort.

13. They teach us to defend our rights

When the class was moved from 9:00 to 7:00 in the morning, this teacher immediately understood that he had to do a rebellion in his pajamas.

14. Become our second parents

This teacher wanted to help the children who did not have a father. That's why he opened El Club de los Caballeros, where children learn to tie their ties, shake hands, woo a lady, and so on.

15. They have earned a place in our hearts

Every day my partner draws the cat of the day on the blackboard. Today he got sick. The professor simply took out his phone, looked for the image of a cat and drew it.