15 Fabulous lipsticks that all girls deserve to have at some time in their lives


Let's face it, clothes, shoes and makeup are our biggest vice. We are aware of the trends and many times we like to be pampered giving us a little detail that makes us feel more beautiful.

The best of these gifts is that their designs are original and we can boast, for example the lipsticks that are in fashion this season are for anyone to die of envy when he sees us using them, so do not hesitate to suggest that your next gift of birthday or anniversary is one of those that you will see in this list.

1. Chanel, Monte Carlo color

2. The Cinderella collection of MAC

3. The stylized designs of Louboutin for Givenchy

4. The Hypnotica of Illamasqua

5. Those who change color and have a flower inside

6. Those that change color and moisturize your lips

7. Some of the tattoo artist Kat Von D

8. The mate of Lanvin for H & M

9. MAC with its crystals Swarovski

10. THE REAL with his PRIVÃ? E collection

11. The leather case from Marc Jacobs

12. Shine to the max with Mariah Carey from MAC

13. Shocking colors of Too Faced

14. The rebel collection of Urban Decay

15. Total elegance with Yves St Laurent