15 emojis wallpapers to personalize your cell phone


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in these modern times in which technology is part of our day to day, the correct thing would be to say that a emoji Worth more than thousand words.

If you are one of the girls that can express everything they think and feel with icons, these 15 cell phone wallpapers are perfect for you.

1. For girls out of this world

2. We demand Whatsapp a emoji of this color

3. We know that this does not exist, but we need it!

4. Do not touch my phone, earthling

5. If love brings you in the clouds

6. Admit it, you also use this changuito in all your conversations

7. Let your favorite faces decorate your cell phone

8. A filter will give a special touch

9. The three wise changuitos

10. The emoji in series they look great

11. Use your favorite face

12. Or one that makes you laugh

13. This is perfect if you are in love

14. We are fans of striking colors

15. Have your own garden of sunflowers

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