15 Emojis that the best friends would WISH that they exist Right now!


When we find it difficult to express our emotions with words on social networks or electronic messages, it is when the famous emoticons or emojis come to our rescue, those little drawings that make it easier to express what we want to say and that reinforce our ideas.

Although there are many that have already been created, there is still more to be discovered, which we all wish would exist in order to share with our best friends.

1. Complete what the other one meant

He went to say that you and your best friend guess the thought.

2. Joke between friends

When both know that they have laughed at someone but will not judge each other.

3. Let's dance with our hands up

When your favorite song sounds, you know it's time to raise your hands and dance with your best friend.

4. Netflix Marathon

When you know that pizza, movies or your favorite series and you together make a perfect night.

5. Complicit looks

When you and your best friend know that there is no need for words, like when you are in front of a delicious dish.

6. The same!

When both wear the same clothes by coincidence and do not care.

7. Travel

When leaving a trip in your company is an absolute necessity.

8. I will comfort you

When your best friend's heart is broken, she knows you can help her improve things.

9. I hold your hair

You can use it when both had a night of partying, so that she knows that she has a true friend in the good and in the bad.

10. Let's find together what text messages say between the lines

When you need someone to help you decipher what your impossible love really means.

11. You guessed my thought

When you realize that the two are in tune.

12. Help me with my hairstyle

When you need someone to fix the back of your hair, or all, with your help!

13. Do I look good?

When you need an urgent opinion about the clothes you are about to buy.

14. Face-time urgent

When a call or a message is not enough for everything you have to tell him.

15. I'm anxious to see you

For when they have not seen each other in a long time and are anticipating their joy.

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