15 Disney girls ordered from the least to the most feminist


The evolution of the Disney girls is very obvious, because it shows the advance and the difference in the role played by women in society over time, leaving behind the submissive and passive girls, and empowering the female figure and giving different lessons for girls today.

Initially, the scripts of the films were written by men who gave the princess the personality and the role that the women of that time had, however, women who could only be rescued by a prince have remained in the past. blue and, over time, have given way to women who are capable of saving themselves and even their people. This list goes from lower to higher feminism and freedom. With which of them do you identify?

1. Aurora

As a result of the curse imposed on her, the poor girl lived with her fairy godmothers lost in the forest, not knowing that she was an inheriting princess of a kingdom and she spent her time doing housework, locked in a small cabin, dreaming of a Prince to rescue her. Although she has very few lines in the film, she seems to live in a rose-colored world and is very curious, besides, she is unable to defend herself and then falls into a deep sleep to wait for someone to rescue her.

2. Snow White

After her jealous stepmother threatens her with death, she escapes from her own kingdom and hides in a cabin with seven men who she cleans and feeds; In addition, at night he would dance to entertain them. The queen of submission.

3. Cinderella

Her stepmother locked her in her own house and had her as a servant, and her best friends were rats. Her only option to escape from hell was to ask for a dress and slippers so she could make a prince fall in love with him and rescue her; Even though he succeeds, in just 15 minutes, the man was not able to remember his face and found it thanks to a shoe.

4. Ariel

Although it was the biggest show on the sea floor, this 16 year old girl decided to go against the rules imposed by her father and explore the world; In addition, he refused to leave the man he loved. The sad thing is that he had to give up his voice to get some legs and attract the prince, however, he could face the witch of the sea and finally get the boy he fell in love with.

5. Bella

Set in 1800 in a small village in France, the girl stood out from the others because of her strong personality, her love for literature and her dreams and ambitions outside the village. She was clear that she could not stay in that town forever. However, in the end it falls into the cliché of falling in love with a prince, but not before having put some barriers and demonstrate his impertinent character.

6. Rapunzel

The little girl was locked in a tower all her life, but she did not let herself get bored and became self-taught: she read, played chess, studied astronomy and even self-defense. To leave her confinement she had to go to a man who would guide her to where she could follow her dreams, but she always defended herself and sacrificed her beautiful hair for love.

7. Jasmine

This young woman decides to go against the laws of her kingdom and escapes from the palace to be able to know what is beyond the walls; falls in love with a beggar who did everything possible to be by his side and, after two men fight for his love, she decides who to stay at the end, because she is the owner of his body and nobody chooses for her.

8. Tiana

She is the first Disney girl with a job and a purpose; In addition, it is independent and gets its own money that saves to open your business.

9. Merida

Cutting with the stereotypes of princesses with a slender body, this redheaded warrior opposed to marry a man and leaves aside the sexist system of arranged marriage. It shows how much it is worth when facing any obstacle.

10. Emerald

He did not care about the criticism and rejection he received for belonging to a different race; his independence and courage caused three men to dispute his love. In the end, she decides to stay with the one who appreciates her for who she is and does not try to force her to change.

11. Megara

Her cynicism and sarcasm remove her from the list of good and submissive women. She did not think that a marriage was the answer to her happiness and although they had broken her heart several times, she dared to fight for the love of a man, when she understood that he wanted her for her.

12. Pocahontas

When John Smith tried to captivate her with his egocentric manner, she put a stop to it and administered a dose of knowledge. In addition, he faced his father, who already had his life resolved; He confronted his people to save the love of his life and was able to let him go so that he would recover in his country.

13. Elsa

They took away her magic and her sister's love, forbade her to be herself and kept her away from everything that would make her happy until she freed herself by renouncing her right to be queen. He escaped as far as possible to do whatever he wanted and returned only for the love of his little sister. In addition, he did not believe in the love of a man he had just met, making it clear that they must first demonstrate with facts what they promise.

14. Mulan

To save her father, she faced a complete army but, above all, she renounced her femininity and dressed like a man, she clung to reach her goals and did not let herself be humiliated; He even stood out as the best element of the Chinese militia to later save the whole nation and attract his boy with his way of being and without a drop of makeup.

15. Moana

His only goal was to save his people, without limits and full of ambition and dreams. She did not need a man by her side, only her effort and, working as a team, she was able to get where she wanted to go.

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